Oberholz Mountain Hut: Design in the Italian Dolomites


As you will ever see, usually the mountain huts are characterized by being local, rustic, quaint, and don’t speak the language of design.


Well, get ready, because of the shelter Oberholz Mountain Hut, what I just said is not true anymore! Look at here!

I think it’s a wonderful project! Contemporary, bright, and cozy, with a breathtaking view. A wonderful shelter-restaurant located between the heights of the Dolomites.

The project was managed and implemented in 2017 by the Peter Pichler Architecture Studio in collaboration with the architect Pavol Mikolajcak, which together came up with the idea to design this new refuge located at 2,000 meters on the Italian Dolomites: Obereggen to be exact.


The building is fully made with eco-friendly materials, the overwhelming prevalence of wood blends perfectly with the natural environment that surrounds it.


As you will see, the structure in plant takes the form of a tree that branches out in three directions. Each of these “branches” is facing one of the most important mountains in the area, respectively: the Mendel, the Corno Nero and Corno Bianco, made perfectly visible from the facade of glass placed at the conclusion of the architectural structure of the “branches”.

Inside the shelter, the atmosphere is magical. The use of wooden doors for the structure, continuity in places that do nothing but enhance the curvilinear shape of the building. Every detail is designed to ensure style and perfect hospitality.


We have a restaurant, a small living room, the bar, the kitchen and the roof terrace. It’s not missing anything, don’t you agree?

So, do you like the Oberholz Mountain Hut refuge? Or do you like the classic and rustic structures better? I bet that this new way of creating a mountain retreat has also shaken the most conservative! What do you think? Well, if you’re heading to Obereggen don’t forget to pass and let me know what you thought, and how your experience was!

©photos: Oskar Da Riz

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