The Potafiori Flowers in Milan


If you like conceptual and particular environments, I’m certain that you will love the Bistrot Potafiori Flowers.

The project was created from a vision by Rosalba Piccinni, the owner who is passionate about flowers and music. With Potafiori, she invented a new way of being together: a flower shop with a kitchen, and from this insight Potafiori was made.

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The concept is to go to Potafiori to buy flowers, and while you wait for your bouquet to be prepared, you can enjoy good food and music.

But I could even say the other way around, too… why not? What do you think about it?

The idea, in my opinion, is very original and attractive.

The place conveys the originality and uniqueness of the primary idea. It is a very interesting design that has been taken care of by the Storage Studio.

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The design focused on recovering the original beauty of an early 20th century building consciously wanting to bring to light the raw materiality of the construction. 

Saying this, they combined these elements with the chic and contemporary metal structures.

7-potafiori-camilla-bellini-the-diary-of-a-designer-milano-milan-cafe-restaurantphoto source


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3-potafiori-camilla-bellini-the-diary-of-a-designer-milano-milan-cafe-restaurant photo source

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The shop is located in the heart of the university district of the Bocconi University in Milan and is open every day until late evening.

What do you think about it? Do you like its concept and the interior design? Is there anything that particularly struck you?


Il Potafiori

Studio Storage

Rosalba Piccinini

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