The blogtour of my new design studio: take a seat, you are welcome!


Do you know the history of the son of the cobbler goes barefoot? Or of the tailor with torn trousers? Here, it was going to happen to me too, but I promptly remedied. I started to furnish the design studio where I work in the historic center of Siena even before it was actually operative. I wanted the work organization space to be ready and active right away.


I had already given some spoilers about how I wanted to furnish the studio, then instead I spoke openly about the Egoitaliano furnishings I selected.


As often happens, however, the vicissitudes of life and work (and sometimes even the bureaucratic ones) got in the way and slowed everything down. Today that the studio is officially completed and that every piece has found its place, in full harmony, I have thought of a blogtour in which I illustrate you all my aesthetic choices.

I start this blogtour – I’m excited, I admit it! – from one of the elements that I have always loved: light. If I chose this location for my studio it is because of the arrogance with which light goes into the entire space. The heights of the skylight that opens at the entrance to the studio are so exaggerated that often during the day it is not even necessary to turn on the lights. That’s why I opted to create an environment with neutral and warm tones. Although, obviously, I have not given up the Morfeo lamps by Egoitaliano, positioned to create homogeneity between the most illuminated areas and those in the most shadow.

On the white of the walls and on the light gold of the bookcase overlooks the leather color of the chairs and armchairs by Egoitaliano, but the trait d’union is given by the touches of blue and apricot on the walls, with the panels in forex printed. Perhaps one of my trademarks: an aesthetic balance interrupted and enhanced by a momentum, a harmonious flash.

These conceptual color flashes on the walls, with these delicate nuances, give the room incisiveness and liven it up. And then the plants, which, as I always say, enrich and make everything more familiar, alive, livable and dynamic. Kenzie, green and majestic, and orchids, with their beautiful inflorescences, could not miss in my studio. I wanted to create an environment that favors operations but at the same time was welcoming and pleasant.


Entering the space we find ourselves in front of the main area of ​​the studio, that is the maxi table where most of the activities take place, from digital works to technical sketches and meetings. This choice of arrangement gives the work area greater weight also at a perceptive level. The table is surrounded by Lia chairs/armchairs, comfortable to the point where we can spend hours and hours on it without feeling the need to stretch.

Behind the table a golden bookcase (Egoitaliano made it for me!) in which I place plants, books and small iconic objects that I take home when I return from a trip, a fair or an event.

A cozy place must also be comfortable, especially if you have to spend there several hours. The choice to have sofas within the studio meets this need. Areas and elements that allow you to relax, to change position, to facilitate a dialogue, an interaction, also help productivity and creativity. And these elements are the bread and butter of a design studio!


The blogtour continues with the sofa area, also used for more informal meetings, when with the other studio professionals we throw down the briefs of the projects or we are looking for inspiration. An aesthetically pleasing and strategically functional place can do nothing but improve the quality of work and the harmony between those who live in this space and share it.

Indeed, in truth, there are those who really choose to work directly on the Jaclyn sofa (right, Paola?!?) with a reclining back, to recreate a sort of domestic comfort that facilitates thought and creative execution.

The dining area is smart, easy, light, with a high table and Malmo stools, all in shades of white and light wood. The lunch breaks in the studio don’t last long, just half an hour and we’re all ready to start again.

Finally, the blogtour has arrived at the easy-living room, a room that joins the main space of the studio and that I thought of as a place where you can break the routine a bit, have fun, make a private call, talk with a customer, all with a more intimate atmosphere, like a parlor. Here you can read a magazine, the last design article, a blogpost that interests us. It’s all very instagrammable, which never hurts!

My gratitude goes above all to Egoitaliano, who from the beginning has been by my side in the choice of furnishings, by providing its colorful and original products, 100% made in Italy.. Together with the company and the special people who work within it, I also met a special territory, which dedicates itself to design with care and passion, without ever neglecting its roots while opening up to the news of the world.

What do you say? Did you like the blogtour? I thought it was a more fun and effective way to illustrate the reasons for some of my choices. I want to have your opinion. What do you think of my new studio now that it’s finally completed? Do you have an idea or suggestion about some decisions? I’m waiting for you in the comments.

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