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In this post you will find:

• two great news

• many times the word “creativity”

• shouts of jubilation


Einstein said his mind was his office. No wall, no desk, no blackboard, the scientist did not feel the need for a fixed, delimited place in which he could reason on his theories.

However, maybe for occupational hazard, I am very attached to my own studio as a physical place. A large part of the most important ideas and projects of my work have been born here. It’s true, commitments often lead me to travel, but I like to think of my studio as the ideal dimension of my creativity.

First great news.

Last summer was a decisive moment for me and my job. With Giulia, my super-business-partner, we decided to take part in a municipal ban that provided for the assignment of an office to the ex Mercato di Porta Camollia.

For those not familiar with my city, it is one of the historic entrances of Siena, not too far from Piazza del Campo. We were competing with another 17 startups in the area but the spaces to be assigned were only 3. Imagine the shouts of jubilation (mine and Giulia’s) at the news of being the first in the classification list. Working hard leads to tangible results: it is with this spirit that I have received the good news. Soon the Studio Bellini & Grilli will make bag and baggage and move to the heart of Siena. A nice step forward as well as a materialization of emotions and goals achieved.

Piazza del Campo - Siena
At city hall
Piazza del Campo - Siena

The building that will host our studio dates back to the early 1900s. After almost a hundred years it will became the house of technological and digital innovation thanks to the ferment of startups (including us) that will animate its spaces.


What could be even more beautiful to add to a news that has already left me and Giulia with both eyes shining?

Just in the weeks when I hardly held back the joy for the new office, the need to think about furnishing the new space came out. Projects, sketches, combinations, colors: my real enemy was time. An interior design requires non-trivial times, especially in relation to the furnishing elements to be commissioned to the companies. A situation aggravated by the bureaucratic process of a municipal management project.

Has anyone ever told you that good news never comes alone? Now I’m forced to believe it too! To the euphoria of the new studio and the simultaneous fear of not being able to manage the creation of a quality interior, it has added an important meeting. In the days of jubilation and happiness, I came into contact with Egoitaliano, the Matera company that has already been the main sponsor of the first edition of #TYSS.

Here is the second great news.

Egoitaliano has chosen to include my project in its promotional campaign. In fact, all the furnishings that you will soon see in my new space will be of the Egoitaliano brand.


Since I created the social media pages and opened the blog, I use to tell my daily routine surrounded by high quality design. I take you inside my spaces to show you how I work and what I let myself be inspired by. And I often ask you for advice or suggestions.


What I want for my new studio is that this intimist aspect remains authentic. And thanks to Egoitaliano the new furnishing mood will fully respect this feature. We may have a little fun!

When I got to know the Lucanian company more closely, I immediately appreciated its innovative look. In an Italian context in which often the lack of generational turnover of design companies shows a certain backwardness not only stylistic but above all communicational, Egoitaliano dares without losing sight of the quality and craftsmanship. It opens up to new borders and arrives in unedited spaces, like my new studio, precisely. If you have turned on the Italian TV in these weeks you will have certainly noticed their sofas in the Big Brother Vip tv-show, the most spied Italian house.

But let's get back to how the studio will be.

Soft colors with some delicate stains: for the rooms I made up my mind. These luminous nuances create a welcoming atmosphere without straining your eyes. No flamboyant colors, therefore.


The space will have a large skylight on the roof, centrally located. I want to find lamps that can create homogeneity between the most bright and the most shaded areasObviously I’m already excited to choose designitems. Chairs, armchairs, sofas… which comfort solution to choose for the environment?

Do you want to give me a hand? Have a look at the website and write me in the comments below which item of the Egoitaliano collections you would absolutely like to see at the new studio.


Egoitaliano e Siena

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