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Take your social seriously is the first training event that I organized with my team. Tyss, this is the abbreviated name, made its first stop in Milan, with a following of over 60 professionals, two exceptional speakers and many special guests who reached us during the final talk.


The emotions were many, first of all filling the hall of the Starhotels Ritz with professionals from many Italian cities. It was incredible to see the palpitating interest of the participants. There was a little initial squeeze, I admit it, but everything went smoothly and it was a pleasure to receive many words of esteem and appreciation.

TALK WITH - from the left: Andrea Recalcati (Giovanardi spa), Luigi Pasetto (Fondazione Achille Castiglioni), Federico Oneto (Sweet Inn)
TALK WITH Livia Grandi (14 Septembre)

The training day was born with the intention of bringing the world of design closer to the one of social media and digital communication. In a changing and varied scenario, Tyss wanted to dictate guidelines to navigate the vast reaches of digital and find the voice to tell your company in a unique way.

Our amazing sponsor: Egoitaliano sofas, Fram and Babouche models

Cristiano Carriero,, journalist and storyteller who guided us in the fantastic world of storytelling, and Andrea Antoni, graphic designer and creator of the project “STAILtone“, brought added value to Take your social seriously

SPECIAL GUEST: Cristiano Carriero
SPECIAL GUEST: Andrea Antoni


During the day many issues emerged, that’s why I summarized them in 10 points.



Let’s begin.


#1 Online is essential when it comes to consumption behaviour

74% of consumers identify word of mouth and the information found on the web as key drivers when they evaluate to make a purchase. The online breaks down the walls of shops, exponentially increasing the touch points between companies and potential customers.


Cavanna Group

#2 Companies and organizations must consider digital communication as a primary and strategic resource capable of creating business opportunities

How to find the right way to communicate your company to be of interest to your audience? Building and managing brand relationships, through the creation of valuable and quality experiences. But not only. Also establishing a brand voice that is memorable and characterizing, especially in terms of experiences.


#3 Hyperconnected, active and multitasking: these are our interlocutors today

The contemporary user is hyperconnected (always on user), active (he creates contents, shares them and participates in conversations) and multitasking (he has the ability to insert digital activities into a wider flow of actions, even offline). Who best represents this category of users? Surely the Millennials, those born between the ’80s and 2000, a generation that is passionate about the stories but does not trust advertising.

Antonio Menegatti speech
Chiara Centrone - Basil Green Pencil
Federico Oneto on Egoitaliano armchair, Fram model

#4 All companies have a story to tell, you just need to know to who and how to tell it

Everything that a company has done in the past and makes every day represents its narrative capital. The more a company is able to enter deeply into people’s lives through stories, the stronger the relationship it establishes, starting long lasting dialogues. Consumers today also choose based on their emotions and experiences.


#5 Brands must involve their interlocutors on a different level than the sale

Modern consumers entrust their consumption choices to brands that represent them at a value level. Who buys returns a value to the brand, sharing its choices. The goal of marketing remains the sale, but the involvement of the buyers has to do with the emotions and values ​​in which a company or a brand believes.


#6 Storytelling is a strategic process of value construction

Writing interesting stories and experiences not directly advertising is a work that is now necessary to deserve people’s time and attention. A brand that tells its own story defines an ambition that goes beyond commercial aspirations. This is why it is necessary to create effective narrative projects. Stories that are likely to involve users and move their emotions.

Cristiano Carriero
Antonio Menegatti - our general advisor

#7 The tone of voice on social media is the semantic and emotional atmosphere that is built by the communication of a brand

Who are we on social networks? Does our communication approach reflect our value system? Is it in line with our history? Are we speaking the same language as our users or is our communication too resounding? Let’s start from these questions to get the right information that allows us to focus our tone of voice. On social networks, but also in other digital communication related contexts.


#8 People no longer trust ads, but they do trust people

Today’s consumer is exposed to a wide variety of advertising messages. This stubborn advertising has lowered its attention span, bringing its confidence in the advertising system at an all-time low. The decision making process at this point is modulated on the basis of recommendations, relevant content and exchange of information between people. A human-to-human communication system based on the trustability and authority of the subject providing information or suggestions.

Giulia Grilli speech - my business partner and creative director of CB - The Diary of a Designer
Paola Leo speech - my social media manager
Paola Leo

#9 The influencer is someone who gains the trust of those who follow him (or her) and is able to condition their tastes and choices

How to insert oneself in the relational flow of the users if their attention span tied to the advertising messages is at an all-time low? An effective influencer marketing strategy is able to integrate harmoniously into this system of interactions, thus becoming an indispensable business opportunity for companies. The challenge is to build an emotional involvement without betraying the most concrete dynamics, linked to the needs of the market.


#10 The connection between influencer marketing and content marketing is very strong

Content is the medium through which a campaign or an influencer marketing program materializes, creates value and responds to specific brand goals. An influencer is not a mere reviewer of products, but a creator who, through quality content and constant care of his/her fanbase, increases his/her authority in the reference audience and enriches the brand’s value experience.

Paola and me on Drum (Cappellini armchair)
Giulia Grilli
From the talk: Livia Grandi and Federico Oneto

I hope these ideas are interesting for those who still feel a bit lost when talking about social media and storytelling. I also hope that they are also a sort of review for those of us in Milan, to attend the lessons and enjoy the different moments of networking. If you have any questions, I’m waiting for you in the comments.

Silvia Gorlini, Antonio Menegatti and me
Andrea Antoni, me on Drum (Cappellini armchair)
Akaueb - our web agency
With Meric (Linvisibile)
Fondazione Albini
Camila Caremaschi, Giulia, Cristiano and me

Have you missed the chance to participate in Take your social seriously? Let’s stay in touch, write an email or leave a comment, I will inform you about upcoming training events.


Take your social seriously

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