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We are young and dynamic. The pursuit of perfection and fun are the keywords that helped develop the CB Team.

Giulia Grilli

Co-Founder & Creative Director

I am Camilla’s business partner. Co-owner of the Camilla Bellini – The Diary of a Designer project and of the Bellini & Grilli design and graphic studio. I’m a creative director and a graphic designer. I have been working in communication for almost eight years, with a background as a freelancer and in agencies. My professional goal, the one that led me to the creation of the project, is to bring beauty into people’s daily lives. This was the trait d’union between me and Camilla! I am optimistic, sincere and ambitious. I believe in art and above all in myself “

Paola Leo

Social Media Manager & Content Creator

From Trapani to Siena, doing the wide route. I was born journalist and I evolved social media manager. I love playing with words, I am bold in thought but cautious and hesitant in life. You always find me in one of these situations: in front of my faithful Mac, with the smartphone in my hands, strumming the guitar or playing the playstation. Without internet connection I go crazy!

Fausto Maglia

Product Manager

“I constantly try to match new ideas with existing problems, or existing problems with new ideas. I am a product manager with experience in agile environments, but more than this I am a constant learner and the things that I love to go after are those which I don’t already know and master.

The CB project is like this: I don’t know where it will lead us, but I’m sure we will learn a lot along the way.”

Mariapiera Forgione

Communication consultant and fundraiser

“I watched as Camilla and Giulia’s intuition gradually became a complex and structured project with the ambition to grow and stand tall! In our journey, I’ve learned a lot: first, that tenacity and perseverance are great when facing new challenges! Innovative ideas, and especially when exploring new frontiers, need courage, but also a certain method and certain skills.”


Maison et Objet - Paris

Designjunction London


Lungarno Collection

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