My new studio in Siena: modern style and Egoitaliano furniture


My daily work as a designer leads me to interpret with sensitivity the continuous changing of the spaces. People change, habits change, the time we devote to our work changes and therefore also the spaces in which we do it change. Work environments have the power to reflect and affect the quality of the activities carried out within them. I had already talked about my new studio and my partnership with Egoitaliano, what I will do today is to dwell on the details of the furniture, to explain the deep reason of my choices, waiting to complete the whole interior design project.

Let’s start with the mood.

I want the new space to be a synergistic blend of elegance and performance that reflects the ambitions of an innovative project coherently as possible. Modern style, which points to versatility, an aspect that triggers the functioning and never creates a caesura between a creative stimulus and its concrete realization. White, black and leather: accustomed to these chromatic atmospheres because you will find them in the studio and especially in the Instagram stories!

The first time I set foot in the new space, I immediately fell in love with the heights and its volumes. I immediately imagined the light points to be placed in the areas less affected by the dense glow that enters the skylight. I was looking for a light that was evocative, which symbolically also represented the vibrating power of ideas. And I found it!

I focused on the Morfeo lamps, attracted by their eccentric geometry but also by their name. In Greek mythology, in fact, Morpheus was the god who presented himself to the sleepers to bring their dreams. Similarly, I thought of the Morfeo lamp that, once turned on, has the power to feed the dreams, hopes and ambitions of each of my projects.

Morfeo by Egoitaliano very soon in my new studio

The echo of this concept reverberates in all the rooms of the studio and will bounce from desk to desk. From the set of coffee tables Planet, which fully represents this cosmopolitan desire to take my work everywhere, to the Malmo stools, which, taking up the spirit of the Swedish city, have an ancient heart with a modern functionality. I thought of them, in fact, to be exploited during break times, to move our bodies and minds in a context of comfort different from that strictly working related to the desks. Lia armchairs, on the other hand, communicate a sense of comfort without exceeding the grandeur. The light structure that is at their base does not affect the cozy feeling of the seating. A pleasure for the eyes, but also a certainty of comfort in full modern style.

Set di tavolini Planet by Egoitaliano
Malmo by Egoitaliano
Lia by Egoitaliano

I chose design elements with a strong personality, so that they can enter into dialogue with each other even in the different phases of the working day. The furnishings will catalyze a feeling of relaxed intimacy. I want the relationship I have with objects and furnishings to be authentic, never forced or limited. I want to be able to relax and lay on the sofa as well as imagine new interiors while the Morfeo lamp projects their plays of light on the walls. It is not my intention to give up practicality by bending to the favors of the beautiful sofa on which, however, I can not easily seat on it.

Sofa? Did I say sofa? Well, there is also an issue to be resolved but I am sure that you will help me… I have narrowed down the choice as much as I could, but I still have a strong indecision: Jaclyn (the first in the picture below) or Babouche (the second one in the picture)?

Jaclyn and Babouche by Egoitaliano

Jaclyn is a modular sofa with a light, squared and essential structure. Rigorous but with a superb comfort thanks to the reclining backrests. Babouche, whose name already denotes a more relaxed and welcoming shape, while not renouncing the rigorousness of leather inserts, faces spaces with its massive volume.

So, game is on! Do you prefer Jaclyn? Why? Love at first sight with Babouche? Tell me more.

What do you think about the mood I want to give to my new studio? Is there any other Egoitaliano piece of furniture you would like to see? Tell me! I’m waiting for you, as always, in the comments.



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  • I just came across your site and articles. First of all, they are fabulous. Now, this is a 6 months old post. Have you already set up your studio? If not, consider my choice for the sofa. Actually, I first read your article “Here’s how I will furnish my new studio” and go through @egoitaliano to find “Jaclyn”. I was about to comment there when I found this article, and to my surprise, you’ve already listed it in your choices. I feel great about my choice now :). Though my reasons for Jaclyn apart from your own definition are: It looks elegant and light(not bulky), its design gives an essence of modernity and uniqueness right from the legs to its base size and to the back. I am not sure about its centerpiece though (which has a dark color sitting) but I am sure you’ll make best out of it in its usage.
    I do not have any professional knowledge for this and only keen in this art of architecture and designing for a long time. Though you’ve got a fan here 🙂

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