The magic of the mirrored walls: double the space!


Mirrors are a bit of a window of light or a lamp always on

as suggested by the French designer Inga Sempè

That’s why their function may not be merely decorative, especially in our homes. When you start planning an interior, the spaces and the dimensions inside a house are the first elements to consider.


The dimensions of modern homes are particularly small, indeed, according to the British architect, Patrik Schumacher, the new generations (the so-called Millennials, a category to which I belong) seek ever smaller living spaces.


According to one estimate, the average size of Italian homes is 117 square meters, it goes down to only 38 square meters when referring to the homes of university students and Italian workers who live in a large city.


If you also belong to the Millennials (anyone between 20 and 34 years) or if you want to give a new dimension to your home, I want to show you an excellent design solution to “enlarge” your space thanks to the magic of the mirrored walls.


The idea is simple: cover an entire wall, or maybe even more than one, with mirrors.


This trick creates a kind of distortion of visual perception, giving the feeling of doubling the space. This choice, contemporary and all in all minimalist, gives the whole room a decidedly elegant and refined taste.

As part of this project proposal, there are a lot of options: you can choose to cover an entire wall or just focus on some portions arranged in strategic positions. You can also choose to use a classic mirror, or a smoky style (also in different soft colors), one slightly antique or textured.

Classic mirrored walls

Portions of mirrored walls

Smoked mirrored walls

Antiqued mirrored walls

Mirrored walls with texture

The modules that will cover the wall can be pure and simple or studied also from a point of view of the graphic design, in order to create real decorative patterns. The perspective game of mirrors will create an immersive atmosphere within the spaces.

Modular mirrored walls

The solutions are many and the proposals are customizable in every home, what is certain is that the result is truly spectacular on a decorative level: the spaces will be very classy, at the same time, the mirrored walls will give a life and a perspective new to the environments of your home.

What do you think? Do you live in a small apartment? Would you like to have a wall lined with mirrors in your house? Do you have one already? In what area? Do you like it? What type of finish do you prefer? More modern or classic? Tell me everything! I’m curious!

credits photo: Pinterest

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