The perfect example of contemporary interior is in this apartment in Moscow


When I speak of contemporary interior design, I mean a specific stylistic line and the apartment we are discussing today, is exactly what I mean.

This project of a private residence is located in the center of Moscow, Russia, and was prepared by INT2architecture Studio that it has been able to create and emphasize the very contemporary apartment flavor.

We have an architectural structure that goes back to the French Neoclassical style and a set of furniture, clearly contemporary.

One of the biggest interior design trends of the moment is just to mix and look for the contrast between the classical style of architecture with strongly contemporary decor.

For example, the black-box structure, ultra-minimal (which has the function of containing the various technical rooms of the house) as contrasts, from an aesthetic point of view, with the casing of the house.

The color palette and materials are also highly sought out and proposed in this specific historical moment. And then gray, white, black and brown meet and mingle on wooden surfaces, marble, leather, metal and fabric.

I think this project is very interesting and I’ve always liked this style! Do you like this interior? What impressed you the most? The color palette? And what about this contrast between classic architectural and modern furnishings, what do you think?

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