In harmony with the ocean and nature – Private residence by MM ++ ARCHITECTS


Today let’s dream a bit and be inspired by the outdoors of this fabulous private residence! I think it’s a perfect example of communion between the interior design and exterior design… see if I’m right and tell me what you think! 🙂

We are in Vietnam and out front there is the beautiful Pacific Ocean.

We are talking about a private residence designed by MM ++ ARCHITECTS.

The first thing I noticed was the harmony that exists between the building and all its natural context.

You can see how the outside walls open completely! We can take note that the ongoing communication between the interior and exterior was the focus of the design by MM ++ ARCHITECTS. All of the barriers that divided the unspoiled nature of the place were torn down!

The interiors, thanks to this correspondence, are really bright.

The private garden consists of well-kept lawns, swimming pools, relaxation areas, tropical plants and colorful flowers which are all located outside of the house.

And just a few steps in front of us, we can see a view of the Pacific Ocean.

So what do you think? What did you like most about this residence? The disappearing walls? The ocean view? The super well-kept garden? Would you like a different type of outdoor area? Maybe you like the mountains? Let me know, you know I’m curious!

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photo by: Hiroyuki OKI

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