Elegance with ethnic influences? Yes, it is possible!


In Sydney I discovered a fantastic interior design project of a private home.

The project, directed by Luigi Rosselli Architects Studio, struck me immediately because it managed to combine the elegance of the surroundings with a slightly ethnic mood without the whole refinement being affected in any way.

We can see these ethnic influences in some of furnishings, in the rugs, and specifically in the coating of some walls.

It is a mix that, if not handled with extreme professionalism, can lead to sub-optimal styling results, but in this case, was handled with great skill by restoring a remarkable and original apartment.

So, what do you think of this Australian apartment? Do you like this lightweight ethnic appeal? Which detailed area do you liked most? The rugs? The wall coatings? Which do you like better, the interior or exterior?


Luigi Rosselli Architects Sudio

©photos: Justin Alexander

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