The Green Sky Garden House by Guz Architects Studio


Well, you know, mixed design, creativity and architecture, gives life to the very considerable and original projects. But what I'm about to show you, is really a very original... I would say, unusual, project. In fact it doesn’t happen every day that you see a garden on the roof! :)

Yes, that’s right, the Guz Architects studio in a house in Singapore, has designed and built a house and they even made rooftop gardens!

Let’s not to go on too long with explanations, but to go immediately to the images to show you what it is; look the Sky Garden House:

So what do you think, isn’t it amazing? What struck you most about this project? Do you like this house? There would you ever live there? Or is there a different style that you like better? Let me know everything you think!


Guz Architects


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