A Parisian apartment and an explosion of colors!


"Colors are the real inhabitants of space. The line just goes and travels through it, only passing" - Yves Klein

If you think that to be elegant you have to use only sober colors, you are wrong and this Parisian apartment proves it! 🙂


A stunning restructured project by the French designer Patricia Mauguy Flores, who has a great style, has created a super-chic, but at the same time, exuberant residence.

In this project, the designer clearly wanted to enhance the neoclassical beauty of the building, featuring stucco and vaulted ceilings, with contemporary style furniture and that, as you can see, are quite colorful!

Color, color, color… it was the key word for the living and dining area, where the chromatic palette is very lively.
The carpets, chairs, pillows, and armchairs, give a real touch of refined cheer!
Just look at the armchairs Namib and Dukono by Brabbu! What do you think?

Dukono armchair
Namib armchair

This is a really interesting project that shows us how we can dine with color inside our homes while maintaining a very refined appeal.


And what do you think? Do you like the use of color in homes? Do you have colored areas in your house? Or a favorite color? I hope this article has been useful to you and has inspired you with new ideas!


  • Patricia Mauguy Flores

    Thanks so much for your beautiful words. It is à honor for me to read your publication.

    • Thank you Patricia, it’s a pleasure reading a comment like yours! 🙂 and I’m so happy that you like my blog!

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