“Excuse me, I want a waterfall in the garden!” Look at this private outdoor garden in Istanbul!


We are in Istanbul, in the private garden of a prestigious house. Here the Sandrini Green Architecture Studio, by request of the client, was engaged in a very impressive design. I’m talking about a project, which hardly seems a project!


I’ll explain:

the outdoor design focus was to physically and stylistically unify the garden in front of the villa with a luxurious swimming pool, as part of the property. To achieve this, the Sandrini Green Architecture studio decided to create a vertical drop, re-creating an artificial waterfall that visually seemed natural and poured the water directly into the pool.

The result is truly impressive, isn’t ?!


To think that, to have such a natural effect, even the rocks present on the waterfall wall, were chosen one by one and are all stones from local quarries, which are characterized by the typical warm colors of the area.

The result of the project is really amazing, don’t you think? Seriously, it seems like that waterfall has always been there, and it isn’t part of a project thoroughly planned in detail. What do you think about it? Do you like this creation?


Studio Sandrini Green Architecture


photo: Sandrini Green Architecture Studio

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