A timeless garden in a private villa in Verona


Verona is one of the most beautiful and evocative cities of Italy. I like its atmosphere, its history, the beauty of its streets, the palaces and works of art scattered throughout the city. It’s a truly magical place! If you’ve never visited, I strongly recommend you go there!


And just in Verona, precisely in the area where you will find the Roman Theatre, there’s a villa that was recently renovated. The Florentine architect Michele Bönan (here we saw his work at Portrait Firenze) was involved in the housing part while the care of the exterior spaces was entrusted to the Sandrini Green Architecture studio.


I expect that you will like the result, in its simplicity, and I’m sure will leave you speechless, take a look!



Considering the importance and historical and architectural grandeur of the structure of the villa, and also considering the beautiful view over the city in location, the project for the arrangement of the garden followed a very simple stylistic line.


The Sandrini Studio created a refined and elegant environment, characterized by large, green area that is interrupted by geometric steps.


The plants are cleverly distributed in the area with a natural touch and they are non-invasive. French antique furniture and Tuscan terracotta pots, are the latest additions that complement the landscape very well.

What do you think about it? Do you like the large gardens that characterize the outdoors? What impressed you the most?

photos: www.sandrini.it

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