The Portrait Firenze: front runner of the Lungarno Collection


Last week I had the pleasure of being invited to what, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful Florentine locations: The Portrait Firenze. I already knew a lot about this hotel, for example, that the interior project had been treated by renowned architect Michele Bönan. When entering the Portrait Firenze the first thing that you think is “how wonderful!” …and at that point I had the irrepressible desire to know even more!

Let’s find out what I learned during my stay:



The Portrait Firenze is part of the Lungarno Collection hotel company, owned by the Ferragamo family … and you can see it clearly!

The hotel even speaks about simple luxury, to make every visitor feel at ease, making them feel at home; it wasn’t by chance that they decided to call it Portrait. The style is rigorous and chic, definitely timeless.

In my opinion, Michele Bönan succeeded in stirring in classic and contemporary style with a refined taste and typical Italian style. One distinguishing feature of Bönan’s interesting design was wanting to associate high comfort provided by the spaces with the chance to give the traveler a life changing experience.

Inside the Portrait Firenze, in the common areas and in the suites, photographs depicting the “Dolce Vita” Florentine archive are exhibited. It is charming: horse images from between the ’50s and’ 60s, all black and white, and depicting a beautiful Florence, the everyday life of both influential and ordinary people who lived in that historical period when the concept of Made in Italy began. Beautiful shots become real family photos for guests of the Portrait.



Let’s look at the most amazing aspect of the hotel: the color palette and the materials used for the interior. The choice of materials and colors is one of the most fundamental aspects that helped to create the glamorous appeal of the entire hotel.


Contrast” is the key word I want to use in this case: the dark parquet floor is combined with a dull gray wall tint and an optical white ceiling. Silver finishes are joined with gold finishes, but more so with natural wood and fabrics.



The furniture that I consider the most important for the style of these kinds of environments, has been entirely built and customized by TOSCONOVA, a Tuscan company that embodies the high quality of craftsmanship signed with Made in Italy. Velvet sofas and armchairs, carpets, wooden furniture and lighting features, are the masters to create the warm and intimate atmosphere of this wonderful room.

Large windows take up an entire side of the suite. The light that floods the room is magnificent and, I confess, I have always had a soft spot for natural lighting in interiors like this. In fact, the light enhances the materials, textures, colors, and helps to give a fresh and positive aspect to the environment.


The icing on the cake is … the bathroom! Here we find another symbol of Italian style: white Carrara marble, a material that I adore. They had used this marble to completely cover the walls. This is a typical choice that can only be a sign for us lovers of design, right?


What struck me most Portrait of Florence, in addition to harmony and aesthetics of the whole, was the extreme attention that the architect Bönan had given to every detail. It makes me want to quote the famous Mies van der Rohe, “God is in the details” that in this case, fits perfectly.



Yes, as you have seen, I definitely got involved in the glamorous atmosphere of the Portrait hotel. But, staying on topic, the comfort is simple, really making you feel at home. What do you think? Do you like the Portrait Firenze? What struck you the most? Was there anything that inspired you?

Portrait Firenze
Lungarno degli Acciaiuoli 4, Firenze
+ 39 055 27268000

Ah! If you’re in Florence, you can also enjoy the atmosphere of the Portrait Firenze at the “Caffè dell’Oro

a bistro that’s open every day from 7AM to 10PM.


Art direction:

Giulia Grilli


Lorenzo Michelini

Special thanks:

Lungarno Collection – Portrait Firenze


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