Pure lines, nature and a spectacular view for this residence in Sardinia


Today we’ll talk about a project for a residence, in Sardinia, with clean and contemporary stylistic lines, overlooking the majestic sea. I think this style in communion with nature will surprise you! Let’s see if I’m right 🙂


A color palette made of blue, green and clear beige is what struck me immediately by this lovely private residence.


The structure of the building is modern and linear, characterized by large glazed openings on the ground floor: real transparent walls that are able to create an ongoing dialogue from inside and outside the home.

And just outside there is a beautiful garden of meadows and flowers, travertine steps, and a beautiful swimming pool with a breathtaking view.


How wonderful is this, overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea?

What do you think about it? Do you like this room? Or would you rather enjoy another style? Would live year round in a place like it or would you rather just stay for the summer? What inspired you the most? The materials? Structure? The view? Let me know everything you’re thinking!


Barilari Architetti Studio


©photos: MC Photostudio

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