Luxury gift ideas for a Christmas full of exaggerated design


The arrival of December also brings that fateful time of the year when we must think about a Christmas gift for loved ones, friends, colleagues and – why not – a gift for yourself (a treat for yourself every now and then is a good thing).


Finding the ideal gifts and shopping for some people is a wonderful idea but for some it can be a terrible nightmare. But let’s try not to worry: we still have a few weeks to go and so we don’t have to be too seriously about it yet. In the meantime, relax and smile by looking at some of the exaggerated design products that are sometimes over the top.


Don’t worry: soon I will make another list of design gifts for Christmas 2019 that will make you look good… with a decidedly smaller budget. 

So, let’s go, without a thought for the expense!

1. The decanter

Let’s start with this timeless table accessory: the decanter.  I’m pretty sure you have given or received one of these over the course of your lifetime. Well, how about the one being sold by Baccarat for €130.000? 

2. The shiny skateboard

Sports fan? I have the perfect skateboard for you, this one from Skut, plated in 24k gold with a selling price of $15.000, it’s the most expensive skateboard in the world. 

3. 18k gold Air Pods

If you’re thinking of someone who has a soft spot for technology, the 18k gold Air Pods for the iPhone selling at $67.790 could do the trick. 

4. The crystal vase

Who doesn’t like adding a touch of colour to the house, perhaps with flowers? Naturally we need the right vase! Again from Baccarat, there is a crystal vase being sold for €28.000.

5. The sparkling knife

Moving now to the kitchen, a place where you always need new utensils. I have for you the Platinum Mamba, the most expensive knife in the world: made from platinum and diamonds, being sold for the modest price of €150.000.

6. The sparkling hourglass

For those of you that follow me on my social networks, especially those who follow my Instagram stories, will already know my passion for hourglasses. So how could I not include this? Here we have “Andro Time” by Venni – limited edition – being sold for €13.632.

7. The donkey

Looking for a fun object, perhaps made from marble which looks at the lighter side of modern art? Well here we have “The Stoned Donkey” by Fiammettav for only €15.000. 

8. The precious marble

If on the other hand you are looking for a real piece of modern sculpture, then we have a marble spiral by Ron Gilad for Salvatori. List price €25.000.

9. A classic roller Pen

We are almost at the end and so we could not possibly miss out: the timeless fountain pen. So, here we have “Roller Ancient Mexican Civilisation” by Montegrappa at €127.433.

10. The golden Panettone

Yes you read that correctly. It’s not a Pandoro, it’s a golden Panettone. Moving into the world of food design, I cannot fail to mention the name of Dario Hartvig, a pastry chef who some time ago made the most expensive Panettone in the world, decorated with edible 22k gold leaf, diamonds and precious stones. The list price was €500.000. If you would like to order something from him for the coming festivities, you can find him in his workshop in Carmagnola, in the province of Turin. 

Did you enjoy this list, even though it was a bit exaggerated and expensive? What did you like best? Do you have any other exaggerated luxury gift to add to my list? I’m waiting for your answers in the comments or you can write to me at [email protected]

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