Design according to color: my visit to the company Ca\Stil


On the low Friulian plains, there is a young furnishing company, Ca\Stil (to be read “Castil”) which started only a few years ago. Ca\Stil is a branch from its parent company Gimetal srl, a company with a history in the chair making district of Udine. As if to say that, “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”, Ca\Stil boasts a specialized know-how and a skilful production quality.


I was invited to the colourful company headquarters in Aiello del Friuli, to see at first hand the production and manufacturing process. Amongst other things, I had the chance to feel the heated atmosphere of the welding and bending of metal. With my protective glasses, I actually made a part of a product with my own, inexperienced hands.

I can assure you that no piece of iron was ruined during my experiment! Specifically because I was under  the instruction of Giuliano, head of the production lab, whose instructions were very clear and effective. Andas you can see, I’m still here to tell the tale, so everything went well!


The first aspect of Ca/Stil, that strikes you immediately, is the attention they give to the choice of colour. No colour is left to chance, it’s the result of careful  research carried out by experts in the field, with whom Oscar, the owner of Ca\Stil, is always ready to listen to. A good choice that has rewarded  the company, also in terms of turn over, because importantly it has made colour one of its differentiating and characterizing aspects.

The meticulous and refined planning that is generally reserved for interior design must be considered and applied also for outdoor design: this is the mission of Ca\Stil. Outdoor aesthetics which can extend into interior spaces and enhance them according to the colour. This is how the Full Color collection was born in 2018: a fruitful collaboration with the architects and designers from Atelier Nanni that allowed Ca\Stil to produce many,  custom-made and easily customizable, colourful furniture.

The Friulian welcome could not have been better: during my visit to the company, I had the opportunity to walk around undisturbed both in the various production areas and in the showroom. Generally, I am not a hypercritical person of design companies, visiting searching for dirty machinery, bad environments, poorly maintained areas but with this in mind, Ca\Stil really impressed me. They are a young company but very meticulous and attentive. Everything shone, people smiled and looked at me with proud eyes saying, “How nice, it is to be here with us?”.

I am convinced: quality design cannot be achieved if there are no beautiful people working within the company, working well together in harmony with a smile.

In my house, as you have probably seen on my Instagram profile, I already have two peach-colored Ada/P chairs. Two gems that even my dog ​​Toby hasn’t missed an opportunity to admire.



Have you ever heard of Ca/Stil? I’m pretty sure you already heard about the Udine Chair District. Italy is full of beautiful business stories to tell and I am happy to have been able to talk about the history of Ca\Stil. If you have any questions or thoughts, please leave me a message in the comments.


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  • Thanks for showing up such good stuff and I am sure people smiled at you because they have also felt more happy by your presence. I have some curiosity though about the choices of colours if you can comment. Should there be any limit on choice and combination of colours when we are setting up something in a house? Like painting walls and keeping objects in a staircase!

    • camilla@admin

      Hi, thank you so much for your message!

      I deeply think that one or two neutral colors are perfect, but then adding a touch of bright color. Would you like to know my favorite color? Send me a message on Instagram! 😉

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