antoniolupi and Milan: story of a bond that is expressed in the Showroom


We are in Milan, Brera area, in Porta Tenaglia. Impossible not to notice that the antoniolupi Milanese showroom has 14 shop windows overlooking the main street. We are still outside, in a street in Milan where the engines of the cars are together with the scooters, and antoniolupi has already won you over.

It is not just a question of size, it is above all having embraced an area to which a strong style customization has been given. By entering it welcomes you an atmosphere suspended between the house you want and a space that smells of inspiration. And right there, between everyday reality and imaginative inspiration, you find the bathroom furnishing elements by antoniolupi.

antoniolupi showroom in Milan - Brera area
The showroom was designed by Calvi Brambilla

Pieces already born iconic that settle down and team up with the great icons of design, those that every design lover dreams of having in his own home. All it is enhanced by that atmosphere of design, art and eccentric iconicity that only contemporary Milan can offer.

And so the Eclipse bathtub by Marco Di Paolo interfaces with Geometrie Volanti, the carpets collection by Paola Pastorini. Bit Light, the radiator by Brian Sironi, is reflected in the Asa Nisi Masa vases in CRISTALMOOD by the duo Calvi Brambilla. And everything is like a relaxed dialogue with the Egg armchair by Fritz Hansen.

Collage - Mirror collection by Luca Garofalo
Bit Light by Brian Sironi

Continuing through the micro environments built inside the antoniolupi showroom, the Dune bathtub, by Mario Ferrarini, meets in the spotlight of a geometric construction placed above. And a little more left, in a wall opens a bioethanol fireplace with Vitreo front, the CRISTALMOOD sink, which, narcissus, is reflected in Circus, the perfect geometry of AL Studio.

Circus, Vitreo, Il canto del Fuoco and Dune
Silenzio by Domenico De Palo and Wanda by Debiasi Sandri

And then again the inevitable of Paolo Ulian, one that makes the marble shout, with Introverso, Intreccio and Pixel. And while you hope that the showroom will never end, then note Opale, signed by Carlo Colombo and Andrea Lupi, two that together have shaped ten colors of CRISTALMOOD. And this last one, patented material, as already mentioned here, is enhanced and gives its color also to the flooring. An effect that reaches its maximum effectiveness with Reflex bathtubs.


A journey of shapes, colors and materials that praises the place where it is born, Milan, that welcomes and rewards those who design with artistic dignity.

Controverso by Paolo Ulian
Opale in ginger, by Carlo Colombo and Andrea Lupi
Reflex, in CRISTALMOOD, by AL Studio

Have you already visited the antoniolupi showroom in Milan? Have you ever seen it before? If you are in Milan, I recommend a visit, you will be dry-mouthed. Let me know your impressions, I’m waiting for you in the comments.




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