How to get around Milan during the events?


The 2019 edition of Milan Design Week has just ended. Also this year has registered excellent results in terms of turnout despite the weather has certainly been bad. Rain, wind and cold have raged through the streets of Milan, causing discomfort and slowing the frequent movements of the design lovers and visitors. Moving around in a big city is never easy, but there are always solutions that you may never have considered. I’ll explain how I did in Milan.

The design has literally invaded the city: so many events in so many areas, with happenings, exhibitions and all the Fuorisalone’s collateral activities. Even Primerent has not failed in the call to art and design.

Although specialized in the rental of luxury cars in Italy and Europe, with a fleet that boasts names like Lamborghini, Tesla, Bentley, Jaguar, Rolls Royce and Porsche, just to name a few, Primerent has opened the doors of its new Boutique in Corso Sempione to street art. Exclusively for the Fuorisalone 2019 it presented a creative panel born from the collaboration between the painter Milena Quercioli and Enrico Parolin, creative, restorer and youtuber.

I stopped again at the Primerent Boutique (the first time is here) and I had the pleasure of meeting Milena in person. Then I also stopped for a few shots. I had to, you know me by now!

How to get around Milan during the events?

Those who have experienced the thrill of finding a taxi in Milan during Design Week will not be surprised at all by my choice to rely on Primerent cars for my travels. So, if I arrived on time (and it happened more or less always) and dressed up (it rained a lot in Milan in those days), I owe it above all to Primerent. So yes, this is an official thank you.

Another important detail: the Boutique Primerent is a dynamic place. If you think there is only space for cars, you’re wrong. Primerent has a very histrionic nature: its spaces are open to those who believe in high quality design and art, to those who want to project themselves into the world of luxury, to those who have an interesting project and want to promote it. I also said it on Facebook: Primerent is always a great ally.

And you? Did you follow my movements in Milan? Are you a creative person? Do you need an ally to help your creative project emerge? Let me know in the comments here, maybe we create a synergy together with Primerent. What do you think about it?



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