The Grand Opening of Boutique Primerent in Milan: so classy!


Last Thursday March 28th I attended the inaugural event of the new Primerent Boutique in Milan. I was invited to the inauguration of the new space in Corso Sempione and I did not miss the opportunity to focus my critical eye on its aesthetic and functional aspect.

If you imagine the space where you rent a car as sad and cramped, I recommend a tour in Corso Sempione. As the name suggests, Boutique Primerent has a glamorous atmosphere in the entire space. Primerent created a real experiential mood. Of course, the extraordinary cars that the company makes available to its customers are dreamy, but I’m certainly not the most titled person to talk about it.

What I want to focus on is the value of our customers’ experiences. Primerent is a company specialized in the rental of high-end cars. Their strong point revolves around the motor pool they own. In addition, thanks to the opening of the Primerent Boutique, the experience they give is not just a mere contractual step, but a set of gestures that translates into a lifestyle.

Those who follow my stories on Instagram will already know that thanks to a synergy born with the company, throughout the Design Week, I will move with a car from the Primerent fleet. During my days in Milan, I also met Oto who delivered the car to make  me arrive on time for appointments. Well-being, gratification and comfort, three distinctive features of Primerent that are, from my personal experience, all actually related to the services offered.

This is Oto!

The atmosphere that welcomes you at the Boutique attracts a lot of French charm, with the warm details of the Parisian shops. When you go in, you immediately relate to the charm of courtesy. Like in all the boutiques, there is particular attention to design. The IC Lights lamps illuminate the lounge area near the entrance, a Viscontea, instead, projects its chiaroscuro in the area next to it.

The protagonist of the Grand Opening, of course, is the Porsche 911, presented just a few days before under the spotlight of the Geneva Motor Show and already available at Primerent. With his metallic white it captured the attention of everyone in there. With it I let myself go to some shots.


Chatting and finding yourself in a welcoming and exclusive space, because choosing a car for your own journeys must also be a pleasure. Here the space becomes luxury, designed for a unique experience.

Fasten your seatbelts, together with Primerent we will go far!

Did you know the Primerent company? Have you ever tried its services? Lamborghini, Ferrari, Maserati, Porsche, Rolls-Royce: every car of your dreams is already in the Boutique. Is it better to hire a car or do you prefer to travel by taxi? This is my experience: tell me yours. I’m waiting for you in the comments.



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