I visited the new Tuscan showroom of antoniolupi, for an exclusive preview


Andrea Lupi himself, the art director of antoniolupi, invited me personally to preview their new Tuscan showroom in Cerreto Guidi. I have already visited the showroom before its renewal, if you remember I had already talked about the Milan showroom on a blog in the past. Today I want to share with you an exclusive preview of this new environment, revisited and redesigned by the Calvi Brambilla studio, the same duo that left their mark on the Milanese showroom and the highly acclaimed stand at the last ‘Salone del Mobile’. 

Even at this early stage (it’s not quite finished), the showroom demonstrates the mood for the installation and exhibition of antoniolupi products. It is very reminiscent of the concept and features of an art museum. In the new Tuscan showroom this concept has been extended, if that could be possible. The feeling that surrounds you when walking in the corridors is as to enter an art gallery where great design works are exhibited

The new curved walls within the space, created specifically to embrace and wrap the objects that are placed there, lead the visitors’ eyes, indicating the possible paths to take. In addition, the walls have the structural function of softening the perception that one has of the entire space. 

Then the colors which follow the footsteps of the new environment, representing a bold originality. The showroom is divided into many different areas, settings perfectly recreated to inspire, designed to be transposed into a real home environment. Each of these settings uses color in a powerful way, taking possession of the space. The final effect, when walking around the showroom, is to traverse a world that continually changes appearance, while remaining consistent with an aesthetic style, full of elegance in the search of perfection. 

The perspectives created within the space are full of overlapping colored views giving an amazing creative effect. There are soft colors that blend with subtle shades: beige, blue, green, even chicory, red and gray. They all coexist, creating harmony and calm. 

With antoniolupi we are already accustomed to the wonder in their design, using diverse materials, inventing new object, bringing new dignity to existing items and enhancing even the smallest details. This time the showroom dares, even more, bringing grace into the bathroom by the spaces that are used to glorify them. 

antoniolupi is not just a design company but more an icon boutique with an excellent technical base and a strong tendency for aestheticism. The handbasins by Paolo Ulian or the “Collage” mirror collection by architect Luca Galofaro are incredible from this point of view. 

Talking to Andrea Lupi is truly inspiring. You can feel his passion and his commitment and he always manages to convey  his appetite for innovation. Everything that is part of the antoniolupi world, is born from this everyday spirit of his. 

Andrea claims that every object has a soul and that there is no need to put on the market products that do not have one. The current market is saturated and it is necessary to design objects that have a soul, a desire to be owned and used. antoniolupi’s furniture therefore becomes strongly desired because it is always the result of his intuition. Here, there is no market research to understand what works and what does not work. It is not the market that chooses their products but it is antoniolupi who shapes an idea of beauty that then fascinates his audience. Each product is a choice of courage and passion, which, as often happens, is repaid. 

antoniolupi is a source of ideas, many of which are born from Andrea’s intuition and being a Tuscan company, for me it is a double honor to have met them in my professional career. And who knows, maybe there will be new future opportunities that will bring us to work together. 

Here you can see the video that I made during my visit. In addition to seeing the magical space of Cerreto Guidi, you can listen to the chat I had with Andrea Lupi!



What do ‘you’ think of the new layout of the antoniolupi showroom? Do you like the new concept based on color? Take a look at their website, I’m sure you will feel this “works of art in design”. And if you want, please tell me your thoughts. Comment on this post. 

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