Touring in Florence with a Ferrari California T: done!


As in the past months, Primerent was my travel partner again, accompanying me to an important business meeting. This time my destination was the enchanting Florence.

I have a great connection with the Florentine city,  just think, I studied there at the University and I lived there for 4 years after I graduated. For this occasion, Primerent let me choose the car for the day from its vast fleet. There were so many choices but an Italian symbol of pure excellence caught my eye. To get around a city of art like Florence, I chose a masterpiece, THE Ferrari.

With some expert advice from the staff of Primerent, I chose the Ferrari California T model.

I was in “drop-top” mode, with the wind in my hair and the roar of the engine just behind me. Every time the engine started, it was a show, I felt as if I was on the racing track!

As Enzo Ferrari always said “ask a child to design a car and he will surely make it red”. In fact, in most people’s mind the Ferrari is red, thanks to the official color of the Formula 1 car too. The Ferrari I chose instead, was not the classic Rosso Ferrari, but the shade of Rosso Mugello, a slightly darker shade that keeps its reputation intact. I personally found the colour  more mysterious and captivating, it suited to the soft and curvy lines of the California T.

The Ferrari California T – where “T” stands for turbo – was designed by the Centro Stile Ferrari (which is based in Maranello and has about eighty designers) in collaboration with Pininfarina (a historic Turin company that has already designed other Ferraris, including the famous Testarossa).

I can’t give you technical details about the engine, but I can tell you that the Ferrari California T goes from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.6 seconds and it can reach a top speed of 316 km/h. Wow! Obviously I did not travel at this speed but on a track it can easily reach this speed.The weather was perfect throughout the day, and this gave me the opportunity (as if I needed an excuse!),  to take some photos in the most strategic and panoramic points of the city, both before and after my business meeting. Also, on the way to Fiesole there was a magical view over the whole city of Florence that you should not miss, take a look.

It’s not every day that you can travel through a big city in a car like this Ferrari. The whole world knows Ferrari and appreciates its beauty and quality. For me, as one who is constantly looking for beauty and who is eager to share my passion with everyone, Ferrari is a timeless emblem, a symbol and the pride of ‘Made in Italy’, all around the world.

Thanks to Primerent the company that rents luxury cars, for giving me the opportunity to experience this emotion and for having accompanied me to the meeting with a style that certainly did not go unnoticed.

Ferrari lover, do you want a Ferrari ride? Perhaps you will even have been driving it or admiring many models up close. If there is an experience you want to tell me, you can do it in the comments. If you need to rent a high-end car, in Italy or even in Northern Europe, you can ask me for information on the services made available to Primerent.

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