Ashaa, the meeting of home decor and lighting


Ashaa, immediately, it’s a name that gives away its uniqueness.    

If then, we wanted to define this piece, we would have difficulty. We are talking about a union of two worlds: that of lighting and that of home furnishings and decor. From this unification we can define it as a beautiful hybrid.


Ashaa: it was designed by Stefano Bigi, born in 1974, for the company Natevo – which evolved from the experience of the larger company Flou – and was part of the 2019 collection. It is an object that can’t help but intrigue and attract you.


Look for yourself and tell me if I’m wrong!


Ashaa is an imprisoned globe of light, contained within a slatted wooden structure, like a soft cage. Inside the blown glass sphere, the LED light source creates a mysterious play of light from which it is not easy to detect its origin.


Half way between a lamp and an ornament – a hybrid, in fact – it’s not easy to define which world it belongs to. In your opinion, which world does it belong?


Natevo offers Ashaa in two versions: one with the sphere at the front half and the other with the sphere in the latter half. Both are quite versatile: I find the combination – if placed in the right context – works well for both residential and commercial settings.

What do you think, do you like Ashaa? Do you feel it is a lamp or an ornament to decorate the home? Let’s solve this dilemma together: write a comment below or email me at [email protected].


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