In an elegant Roman apartment


How I love interiors designed with style! It is a real passion of mine to observe the details, the furniture choices, and the distribution of space, how they used the specific colors that chosen, materials, and finishes.


Each house excellently designed, reflecting the personalities and habits of those who live there, and at the same time, hold an indissoluble signature of the designer.


This elegant and private Roman apartment that I’m about to show you, is a perfect example of everything I mentioned above.

So let’s look at it closely.

The entire design, by Quincoces Dragò & Partners studio, revolves around a white and warm brown color palette, proposed in various shades and applied to the most diverse interior decoration, as well as the parquet flooring.

I find the library wall beautiful, placed in the living area, with an iron structure and diamond-shaped motifs. Besides being a very distinctive design element, it has a sculptural appeal too, doesn’t it?

It’s a really interesting house that struck me immediately by the mix of elegance and simplicity that is so distinguishing.

The apartment has stunning views of the Eternal City, too.

What do you think of this design? Do you like the style? Do you agree with my initial thoughts? What do you think of the design choices? And what about the library? Would you like to have a house designed from scratch? And what style do you like the most? If you want my advice, ask below in the comments 🙂 I’m happy to help!


Quincoces Dragò & Partners

©photo: Alberto Strada

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