Beige for the interior


Color palettes are very important in regard to interior design. And it’s one of the most fundamental choices; one of those choices that will affect a very large part of the aesthetic result of a project.


In this article we will focus on interiors characterized mostly by a palette of beige.

Beige, I’ll admit it’s a color that I really like, it is always present, very bright, and it goes well with light colors, dark colors and bright colors. It can be approached substantially with everything. It makes the setting elegant and refined.


Seeing what you can achieve with the use of certain nuances is much more useful and immediate than it is to only imagine something yourself, so I prepared a series of “mood pictures” that at a glance, you can decide if the color is the perfect one for your home or not.

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So what do you think? Do you like the color beige used as the predominant color for the interior? Which shade do you like the most? And do you like it best matched with light or dark colors?


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