The green design? The answer is vertical!


Green is a cool, cheerful color that immediately evokes the idea of nature, carefreeness, and a happy atmosphere!

With urbanization, many homes, especially the apartments of large cities, lost the ability to have a private garden of their own, and little by little, daily contact with nature has been lost.


Thinking about this, design has pioneered and developed in recent years, systems to bring green back, even in those homes that could never have “a real garden.”


I’m talking about the vertical green, or more commonly known as vertical garden… look at how wonderful it is!


As you saw, you can recreate the vertical gardens both inside and outside, you just have to have a terrace! What do you think, do you like this idea?


Well, if you wish to recreate a vertical garden in your home, I want to suggest one product that could help you to design it! I’m talking about the Anno grill by Compagnie. It’s so nice, isn’t it?

Did you already know about vertical gardens? Have you ever thought about building one in your home or your terrace? Or you have one already? In this case, please send me some pictures and let me know if you like it!


the Anno grill by Compagnie

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