Table cart: style and function


Dinner guests and dozens of tasty dishes to be served at the table? Bottles of liqueurs with labels from around the world, and no shelf to keep them on display? Feel like breakfast in bed but have no intention of going back and forth to carry everything from room to room?


In these cases, I have the answer for you: a table cart! 🙂


One of the home accessories that is my absolute favorite. A must-have for every house in my opinion.

In addition to being stylistically and aesthetically attractive, the this table cart is an incredibly useful thing to have for several occasions.


As with most products, there is a great choice in regard to models, materials and finishes, but no doubt, the version I like best is the polished brass model, for a chic and luxurious look.


The most important detail is that this table cart has wheels: so you can move it easily where you want, depending on your various needs.



So why not pamper yourself one morning a bit by serving breakfast in bed on a chic and stylish table cart? The “wow” effect is assured!

I imagine a refined table cart, hot croissants, coffee, and a flower for decoration, and that’s how design can best be a part of our lives, accompanying us in the beauty of the everyday.

What do you think about it? Do you like the idea? Can you see it fitting in well as an accessory in your home?



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