My tips for a fabulous outdoor area


If you are looking for inspiration or detailed and chic outdoor products, you're in the right place! ;) I want to suggest two very interesting products!

Let’s start with the Drone line, a set consisting of a table, sofa and chairs, all designed for outdoor spaces.

Natural materials and very light colors in sandy shades, are the characteristics that stand out.

It is a set that I like very much for its elegance and absolute convenience. The perfect setting for unforgettable evenings with friends and family, don’t you agree?

Then there’s the Daybed Cube:

Beautiful, right?

It has a cubic structure of 2 meters x 2 meters, completely perforated with an oriental pattern taste.

The color range is always the same, the sandy colors are the center, and it is completed with a comfortable mattress equipped with numerous pillows… for maximum relaxation, I would say!

Surely destined for more intimate contexts, the Daybed Cube is a product that I really like! Do you like it?

What do you think about it? Did you find what you were looking for, for your own outdoor area? Or were you just looking for a little bit of inspiration? Is your style more oriented on the Drone series or do you prefer something more special like the Daybed Cube?


Linea Drone


Skyline Design


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