Anaconda by Alessio Gianotti


A modular and sophisticated vase that was inspired by sinuous, exotic and never banal forms of nature

We’ve talked about vases often, so we know that they’re an indispensable complement to furniture and they make our environment more welcoming, elegant and warm. We already know that there are many different versions and variants, shapes and colors.


Today, though, I want to talk to you about Anaconda, a refined and elegant vase, one that has something more to it, in comparison to the other vases we are used to seeing.
Anaconda really stood out to me because, besides having a pure and minimal aesthetic line, it’s a modular vase. So basically, that means we can create endless decorative compositions using just that. From a less conceptual point of view, if you only have two or three pieces in your house, you could still create many decorative solutions.

Anaconda, designed by Alessio Gianotti, is a product of pure lines, inspired by nature, particularly by the corrugated profile of an exotic animal, which is where it’s name comes from.


Let’s not forget the size! Anaconda is a medium size vase (400X185X160 mm) and it can be “seen” not just as a vase, but maybe even more correctly, as a “container“.


I can see it being a nice centerpiece that holds candles, or as a modern sculpture by itself, but also it could hold sand and pebbles to recreate a small zen garden. What do you think about it?

Anaconda is made entirely of ceramic, from a single mold, and is available in enameled black, gray, and white, but it is also possible to request a unique, customized color and finish from the designer, Alessio Gianotti.


You can find his contact information at the bottom of the article, as always 🙂 With that said, I’ll show you some of the different combinations you can create below!

So what do you think? Do you like Anaconda? Would it look good in your house? If so, where? And how would you use it, like a vase or would you find another use for it? Do you like modular objects? Do you have any already? How do you use them? As always, I hope to have been helpful with this article and I hope you discovered something new! 🙂


Anaconda by Alessio Gianotti

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©photos: Alessio Gianotti and CB Team

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