An eccentric, minimal and refined apartment in Lyon


What I’m about to show you is, in my opinion, a truly fabulous private residence!


Refined, elegant, bright and full of design elements chosen with taste.

The apartment is located in France, more precisely Lyon and it  encompasses all the features of refinement that I like to find in a home.


The space is not so large and it has been cleverly divided and each room has been taken care of down to the very last detail.


The project by Claude Cartier Studio, focused on creating a house characterised by minimal colors, materials and furnishings, expertly interrupted by touches of color, rich decorations and high quality products, sometimes even eccentric products.

It’s a project that I enjoyed very much. It’s a real gem and it can render you speechless! In fact, let’s stop talking and look at the images.

So what do you think? Did you like the interior of this house? Would you live there willingly? What impressed you the most?


Claude Cartier Studio


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