The French style, present day: I introduce you the Hotel des Cures Marines


French taste we know, is chic, stylish and recognizable.

So I want to show you a hotel that I think has a really deserving style: the Hotel des Cures Marines.

It is located in Trouville-sur-Mer, in France, in the Lower Normandy region.

The project, completed in 2015 on behalf of Agence Nuel studio, oversaw both the renovation of the splendid building that also features the interior design of the Hotel.

The environment is characterized by the presence of large, consequently luminous windows.

The color palette mainly plays with natural shades: white, brown, gray, greige, touches of dusty blue, gold and black.

The furnishings, with lines that follow a contemporary style without being ostentatious.

Most of the complement choices are linked to the most important Italian companies. For example:


The large floor lamps polyethylene “Time Out” by Pedrali, distributed in public areas.

The sofas and armchairs from the “Ghost” series, by Gervasoni.

The stools “Young” at the bar counter.

The chairs in the dining room “Laya” by Pedrali

The rooms are well furnished and just to looking at them, they suggest a high feeling of comfort.

Very important is the wallpaper selection. The wallpapers are in the bedrooms but also in the hotel common areas. They are placed on the walls and ceiling and are able to give the space an amazing and suggestive effect.



And perhaps this is the secret of beauty and harmony of an interior, knowing when it’s not needed to add more and when you no longer need to take anything away, a perfect stylistic composition.

Do you want to know what struck me most about this wonderful project? The suspension lamps that are located in the common area bar-lounge, I find them just beautiful: scenic, elegant, visually light in their structure, although in reference to the classical Venetian chandeliers. Simply wonderful!

What do you think about it? Do you like the Hotel des Cures Marines? What do you think about the pendant lamps? And what do you think is the secret to the perfect interior? Let me know everything you’re thinking, I’m curious!

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