How to furnish a balcony in a style you like


In this strange period of time, having just a small balcony was a very lucky thing. For those who spent entire weeks enclosed within the four walls of their home or apartment, having the opportunity to take a breath of fresh air was almost a luxury.

However, luck alone is not enough: just like other rooms in the house, the balcony or terrace need particular consideration and attention. They should be the result of precise stylistic choices.

In the ninth episode of Design for breakfast on my Instagram profile, I advised you how to decorate the balcony or terrace in this warm and sunny season. In this article I want to give you some additional tips that could be useful and help you recreate your balcony in the style you like the best: romantic, modern or fresh.

Of course, there is an endless list of stylistic choices: balconies and terraces are architectural elements which have always fascinated mankind. As Domus had told us they have an ancient history  and they have evolved reflecting the styles and tastes of the time.

I, though, wanted to narrow the field down to these three styles, because I believe they best represent the different aesthetic concepts which are always valid and very different from each other. 

Meanwhile for those of you who may of missed it and to get a better idea of the tips I gave, I leave for you, here below, the episode #9 of Design for breakfast.

Before I describe the styles that I have chosen, I would like to reiterate a concept that I consider very important: when we prepare to furnish our balconies, we must remember that this space should be a continuation of the space within the house. We must not feel like we are “moving house” and we must create a sense of continuity.

The romantic balcony

If your goal is to have a romantic balcony, full of atmosphere, I recommend you focus on refined and timeless elements. A palette of natural colours and refined materials. Pay particular attention to the choice of fabrics and textures, go for solid colours and add geometric patterns in small doses.  

Thinking about it, the wrought iron railing could be a fundamental element for this mood: wonderful places in Paris, Venice and Positano immediately come to mind.

When it comes to plants, roses cannot be missing, in pots or climbing a trellis: the effect will be stunning! Then, top it all with soft lighting (go ahead, use candles and lanterns – but not in the shabby chic style!

You will see: the scene will be set! You don’t believe me? Look below:

Credits: photographymagazineedith

The modern balcony

If you love a modern style and you want to recreate this look on the balcony, proceed by choosing a palette that includes grey and beige, then add contemporary furniture and accessories. 

As for the material aim for wood, metal, stone and glass (chose a couple that match but don’t use more). On the subject of plants, assess them on the basis of their “volume”, they should be a real piece of furniture and not just a decoration. All clear? Here are some examples: 

Credits: ComoOrganizarLaCasa via Facebook

The fresh balcony

If you want a fresh balcony, then add a little colour into your project, always with taste and avoid exaggerating: as the risk of “too much’ can be just around the corner. I recommend you choose one or two shades that come from the neutral palette. 

Cushions, candles, accessories, and also the more important items of furniture can be perfect to add that flicker of colour to your balcony or terrace. 

If you want to have absolute coordination you can also combine the colour of the flowers with your chosen colour palette. You can let yourself go with inspiration, in any case the effect will be perfect!

If instead, you want to add a little liveliness without adding lots of colour, then play with the floor: textures and energetic decorations will go well!
Here are some inspirations for you:

Credits:; Lashyourself via Pinterest

Well, I would say that we are there: we have all the elements to create a perfect balcony based on your favourite style. Now all that remains is to get on, because the beautiful summer days are coming and with this, the first tan, and then… we hope soon to be able to have our first evening meal outside!

What do you think about these tips? What style would you choose for your balcony? Maybe you’ve already made your stylistic choices for your outside space: you can share your ideas in the comments below or send me an email at [email protected]


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