How to choose and where to place a carpet or rug: all my advice here


After having spoken about carpets and rugs on Instagram on the eighth episode of Design for breakfast, I decided to enrich the themes of the video in this article, to add some ideas and extra tips that could be useful for you.

For those who maybe missed it and for you to have a more complete view of my tips, I leave episod #8 of Design for breakfast, here below.

As I pointed out in the video, having respect for proportion is a fundamental thing when we decide to add a carpet or rug to our environment: it must be in proportion the size of space and the objects with which it has a relationship.

Now let’s see how to correctly position a carpet or rug in the main areas of the house.

The dining area

In this area, basically we must respect only one rule: the size of the carpet must be big enough to accomodate the table and chairs even when the chairs are moved away from the table.

And now, some advice on shape and geometry (no, it’s not a tongue twister 🙂 ):

For rectangular tables I recommend rectangular rugs.
For oval tables I recommend rectangular rugs.
For square tables I recommend square or round rugs.
For round tables I recommend round or square rugs.

The living area

In this area make sure the carpet has one of the two sides at least as long as the sofa. In the living area the arrangement between the carpet and the surrounding furnishings can have different configurations, see here:

The kitchen

In the kitchen the carpet or rug usually has the function of protecting the floor, which may be delicat, from possible falls or damaging substances (just the thought of it makes my heart miss a beat!)

The important thing here is to choose a carpet that runs the entire length of the kitchen and doesn’t only cover a part.

The bedroom

Also in this area of the house the arrangement of carpet and furniture can vary. We could choose to have all the furniture within the carpet – including the bed and bedside tables. If on the other hand we want to make the composition fresher and leaner we can choose to not place the furniture on the rugs. 

Flat weave, deep pile or synthetic materials?

Esthetically, the choice is difficult: they’re all beautiful!
However, these materials have different characteristics, so the choice you make must be dictated by the room in which it is placed and the use of the room.

A flat weave carpet deteriorates less over time and is easier to clean, and therefore is good for the dining area.

Carpets made of synthetic material are excellent for the kitchen area (they are very easy to clean for dropped ingredients) and they are also good outdoors

And the deep pile, soft and plush carpet? How about putting it in the bedroom?
In the morning, when you put your feet on it, it will feel beautiful!

Well, here we are at the end of this focus on carpets and rugs! Now I think placing a carpet or rug will be easier. I hope I have been through and answered all your questions on this subject. Don’t forget: the key word is proportion, if you make the carpets interact with the room and the furnishings then you won’t go wrong. Guaranteed!

Do you have any other questions for me relating to carpets? Do you want to add something or share your thoughts and reflections? Or maybe even your photos? Comment below or email me at [email protected]

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