Cami on AMI in Milan


Cami on AMI in Milan is not a tongue-twister intended to distract the most passionate readers of the figures of speech, but it’s the summary of my new experience alongside Citroën AMI, through the streets of Milan, precisely.

The Citroën AMI exhibition space in via Tortona 31 in Milan

For the Italian launch of this urban mobility object – think about the beauty of being allowed to drive through the most elegant districts of Milan without fear of fines or speed infringements – the French company has chosen the city of Milan. And in via Tortona 31 in Milan it has created an exhibition space that emphasizes the features of Citroën AMI by enlarging the wall socket from which it can be recharged.

Inside the exhibition space the giant wall socket

I have already talked about the technical and aesthetic-functional characteristics in this article, but today it’s time to tell you about my Citroën AMI driving experience. In the city center of Milan.

Last brief before the start of the test drive with Citroën AMI

Having overcome the fear of driving through the streets of the Milan city center – my very first personal experience – and studied the route in detail – I got lost a few times – I fastened my belt and put on my sunglasses.

Departure and arrival in via Tortona, supported by a navigator firmly attached near the steering wheel, in an optimal position for sight. After understanding the pedals (brake and accelerator only, Citroën AMI is fully automatic!) and having adjusted the side mirrors, I tried to make the engine roar but… hey, Citroën AMI is very noiseless!

One more picture and then... let's go!

I had 75 km of range (thanks to a recharge of only 3 hours) but it took me about twenty to feel a sense of freedom and fun. Milan has always been a destination that has seen me arrive by train or accompanied by other people, so driving in the center put me to the test even with the streets and intersections. But the agility of Citroën AMI allowed me to get easily even in the areas with limited traffic zone. 45 km/h are more than enough in the city, especially when there are a lot of traffic lights.

Driving Citroën AMI

It is also very spacious, I can stretch my legs without touching the steering wheel and there is enough space behind the display to place all the necessaire (speakers, smartphones, any bags and purses, sunglasses, etc.). Cami on AMI in Milan was also a test to experience the city with the quick and attentive eyes of those who find themselves in front of so much beauty but only have to enjoy it for the time of a yield sign. At the Navigli I saw the sun reflecting in the water and it was magic.

A mini Citroën AMI in my hand

On Instagram I posted a picture in which I was holding a scale model of Citroën AMI in one hand. After driving it, I thought that in addition to entering a hand, it’s now in my heart too.

Cami loves AMI in Milan!

Article in collaboration with Citroën Italia

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