Mobility of the future according to Citroën: welcome to AMI 100% ËLECTRIC


Getting around in the future will be a big challenge. The dynamics of our cities will change, together with commercial politics and also the way we will connect, not only in the virtual world but above all in a physical sense. Citroën has taken on this challenge with the AMI 100% ËLECTRIC.

The AMI 100% ËLECTRIC is the new face of urban mobility launched just a few days ago by the French car manufacturer to the general public. In a few months it will be on sale in many European countries, including Italy. Citroën asked me to look at the future of mobility from my point of view of designer. I chose to accept because design plays a primary role for this object, giving the impression that it really comes from the future.

First of all it’s 100% electric: excellent! 

According to the survey that I conducted over the past few days on my Instagram stories, 70% are very enthusiastic about the use of electric mobility in comparison to the traditional diesel and petrol.

I also believe that all fans of sustainable energy will be enthusiastic about this green gem, which in addition has a more than affordable cost.

Other positive features? The AMI 100% ËLECTRIC can be driven from 14 years of age (with or without a licence, depending on the regulations of the countries). It can carry two people and has a range of 70 km – the batteries can be recharged within 3 hours, using a normal electric socket (yes, just like a smartphone!).

In addition, with the AMI 100% ËLECTRIC you can take advantage of Citroen’s “à la carte” offer, created to suit everyone’s needs. The car can be rented/leased from one minute up to three years and it can also be delivered directly to your home. 

The thing that strikes me the most and is the point to which I have given my attention is obviously the design.

Looking at the shape, the AMI 100% ËLECTRIC is particularly compact: it measures 2,41 meters long, 1,39 meters wide and 1,52 meters high. This guarantees agility and easy parking, not bad! Imagine how hard it is for me trying to park in the center of Siena sometimes.

Another particular and original feature that I appreciate is the car’s symmetry, both in form and detail, as for example the bumpers.

Then, to make it very unique, the doors opening is specular. The passenger door opens in the traditional ‘up wind’ fashion.

The driver’s door, instead, opens in the opposite direction allowing for greater access and increased comfort.

The uniqueness of the doors combined with the system of the side windows – a manual tilting opening – reminds me of a classic Citroën model, that you can still see passing by every so often and that always strikes me for its uniqueness: the 2 CV.

But, let’s get back to the present: we’ve said that the AMI 100% ËLECTRIC is compact, but the interior is spacious. The driver and the passenger have ample room to move and sit in complete comfort. In addition, the sensation of space is amplified by the wise use of light. As you know, I pay a lot of attention to the light component as I believe it can often make all the difference to an environment. Here we have: in addition to the front windscreen, the side windows and the rear windscreen, light which enters into the passenger compartment thanks to the panoramic roof, this enhances the feeling of comfort and gives the perception of having a lot of space. 


And here we are, the icing on the cake: the option to customise the AMI 100% ËLECTRIC.

Citronën offers the possibility to choose between 4 main colours (gray, blue, orange and  khaki). 

The external details such as the wheel covers and the lower part of the doors can be combined with 6 different packs of accessories for the interior. In full “Do It Yourself” style, we can easily install accessories such as the glove box, a bag hanger or a smartphone holder by ourselves. 

In short, I believe that the AMI 100% ËLECTRIC is very special: innovative, both on a technical and design level. 

It keeps the agility of a bicycle or a scooter, but it’s safer. Also, I feel it’s a convenient replacement for urban public transport, especially as it’s totally eco friendly!

Mobility rhymes with responsibility, in this particular case!

What do you think of this mobility gem? Would it suit your urban lifestyle? And what do you think about their offer of rental/leasing? Let me know in the comments or send me an email at [email protected]You know, I’m curious 🙂  

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