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Take your social seriously – Rome was the second training meeting that I organized with my team. In the amazing location of Ikonos, in Via Tagliamento 35, the Coppedè district. yss – Rome, the participants were  architects, designers and professionals from the design world. Also there were ten RUFA – Rome University of Fine Arts students who had the opportunity to attend the training day. Not forgetting some friends and guests who had already taken part in  Take your social seriously – Milan who wanted to be with us also in Rome. Our sponsors for this event were Confcommercio Roma and Confcommercio Siena, together with Egoitaliano and Ikonos.

With my team and Andrea Gigli from Ikonos

Take your social seriously was created with the intention of bringing the world of design and architecture closer to the one of social media and digital communication. Its goal is to guide professionals on how to become their own media, that is producers of relevant content, to differentiate themselves on social media and capture the interests of their communities.

Once again, to bring added value to Take your social seriously we had some great speakers from the profession. The introduction of the event was curated by Luca La Mesa. During the day, in addition to my speech, there was that of Giulia Grilli, my business partner and creative director, and also Paola Leo, social media manager and strategist. Cristiano Carriero, Andrea Antoni and Renato Fontana were special guests invited to speak at Take your social seriously.

Andrea Antoni during his speech about creative Instagram profiles
Renato Fontana during "Blurred Lines"

The internet evolves at an incredible speed, which is why training also needs updating continuously. Here are 10 points highlighting what we learned during Take your social seriously – Rome.

Let’s begin.

#1 – Digitization is not just technological updating, but above all strategic alignment

#2 – Italians spend an average of 6 hours a day on the Internet. Among these, almost 2 hours are spent on social media

#3 – Millennials entrust their identity recognition to choices that represent them at a value level

Giulia Grilli and the 3S method

#4 – Relationship, exchange and dialogue are the basis for taking care of a fan base

#5 – Content marketing and storytelling are NOT the same thing, because all the stories are content but not all content are stories

#6 – There is nothing that can be improved if it is not measurable: we need to analyze the numbers within the strategy adopted and assess whether it is performing well or not

My team

#7 – Study your counterparts, intercept the trends of the countries that are digitally ahead of Italy and take inspiration from them

Frida Vella for Confcommercio Roma

#8 – Set a goal and then choose the most suitable social channel to pursue it, creating a strategy with relevant content

#9 – Effective influencers are those who have built a deep bond of trust with their audience

On Oslo armchair by Egoitaliano

#10 – Influencers are content creators who co-participating, together with the company, to define their brand message, communicating in a new and different way their product (or service or the company itself)

Networking moments
Sweet sweet moments during Take your social seriously

Summarizing everything over our seven hours of training in 10 points is practically impossible, but I hope these ideas have been useful to you. If you have any questions, please leave a message in the comments.

Egoitaliano sponsored Take your social seriously - Rome

Didn’t you get the chance to take part in Take your social seriously – Rome? Let’s stay in touch, write me an email or leave a comment, I will inform you about our upcoming training events.


Take your social seriously

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