Le Flandrin: Made a jewel in Paris


“There are only two places in the world where we can live happily:

at home and in Paris “

– Ernest Hemingway –

I can’t help but agree. The French capital is always an excellent destination when it comes to small getaways. I don’t deny that I’d love to go back soon just to breathe in a bit of that atmosphere suspended in time. Romantic, poetic …

I want to let you know about a place that has remained in my heart: “Le Flandrin

If you love design, and good food, this place will fascinate you, just like it did to me!



We are in the 16th arrondissement of Paris, a characteristic area of ​​the French capital, and here there is Le Flandrin, a little gem that has been recently renovated by the French interior designer Joseph Dirand, with a conservative project.


The reconstruction has not been invasive from a structural point of view, but it has been focused on a great deal of stylistic recovery. They eliminated an intermediate floor that divided the space and recovered the old symmetrical arches of the original building.

And then the most important step: the clever design choices.


Particularly noteworthy are the velvet chairs: from dove gray banquettes to the famous chairs by Eero Saarinen in a mustard color. Golden metal shades are along the profile of the tables and in the shade of the walls.

Geometry in tones that have been chosen for the floor coverings.



The lights, another essential characteristic of the place, change the appearance of the restaurant depending on the time. During the day, being a bright room, the atmosphere is lively and cheerful; at nightfall, the glass lamp gives the lobby shades that are much more intimate and hushed.



The harmonious stylistic choices give the “Le Flandrin” a chic and sophisticated appeal, I have to say it makes it a place to definitely visit and see for yourself!

So, what do you think? Did you enjoy the “Le Flandrin”? Is there an element that has particularly impressed you? Or do you have a favorite restaurant to tell me about? If you’re planning to go to Paris in the near future do not forget to come by; but if you’ve already been, tell me about your experience! I’m curious! 🙂

Le Flandrin:

4 Place Tattegrain 
75016 Paris
01 45 04 34 69

Pour une privatisation:

Pour tout contact Presse:

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photos via: leflandrin.com


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