Schaffer Residence: the house of “A Single Man” by Tom Ford


Today I’ve decided to take you with me on a journey between design and cinema: we are in 1952, in California. Or rather, we are on the set of “A Single Man“, an amazing movie from 2009 directed by Tom Ford.


Whether you watched or not, today I want to show you the beauty of the main character’s house, played by Colin Firth who was nominated by the Academy Award for Best Actor for his sublime interpretation of the role.

We are at the gates of Glendale, California, and here is the fabulous house, built in 1949 by the architect John Lautner: the Schaffer Residence.

I love the perfect harmony between nature and architecture, and it’s amazing how the light that enters each room manages to lighten the dark structure of wood.


Wood is, in fact, one of the most used materials, with cement and glass.

The result is a small architectural treasure from modernist design, surrounded by a forest of oak trees.

Tom Ford wanted to outfit the inside of the house with authentic 1960s furnishings. The results were stunning and meticulous, just like the film.


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photo source: Pinterest

It communicates openness and relaxation, in a wonderful location for running away from the bustle of the city. Do you like it? Would you live here, or do you like houses in the city center?


John Lautner 

 Schaffer House 

 A Single Man 

 Tom Ford

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