String lights for a sparkling house


Today I was (as usual: P) busy checking out different websites and I found these simple threads of light for houses: at first sight it reminded me undoubtedly of Christmas decorations, but in an arrangement, as in this case inside of glass containers, become an home element that is incredibly chic and original decor.

I suggest that you put them in a space where you want to create or emphasize an atmosphere of intimacy, warmth and relaxation. You can place them on the ground, on a table, at the ends of a shelf, etc.

Then we have to think about how to get the best effect: first by creating a composition, any one that you like best, and then mix some of the elements between the pictured versions you see. There, now you just have to be led by your own creativity! Have fun! 🙂








What do you think of these very special decorative elements? Where would you use them? If you have ideas, let me know in the comments: I’m curious!




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