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Casa Casuarina is none other than the famous villa on Ocean Drive in Miami, by the fashion designer Gianni Versace.
Versace which as you know has created the eponymous haute couture brand, made luxury and opulence, a lifestyle, is recognizable and avant-garde.


In short, an all-Italian pride. I can’t resist from writing of this fabulous and luxurious home because, in my opinion, it perfectly describes the soul and the visionary talent of the designer.


Saying this, you will see only pictures that immortalize the Versace Mansion when Gianni Versace lived there.

Yes, because now that the building has been transformed into a hotel and a luxury restaurant, owned by the VM South Beach, things have changed a bit. Although, they have tried to maintain the original style, the effect is a bit more “catalog” and perhaps more refined and elegant, but less personal.

The villa is spread over three floors, in the South Beach Art Deco district in Miami and was built in 1930 according to the design by architect Alden Freeman in “Mediterranean Revival style.”


It has 10 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, a courtyard and a pool that is the true heart of the home:


Below, the bedroom of Gianni Versace:


The other bedrooms:


As you can see the style is decidedly “opulent” and extravagant, not everyone could live in a house like this, or at least not me .. If you follow me, you will know that I must more appreciate a minimal and discreet mood. What do you think about it?

Apart from that, I still admire and am curious about such an eclectic style. One can sense that the house was lived by a real artist.

You know that Gianni Versace loved this house. Among the “thousand” properties he owned, this was “home”. In those years, because he was so tied to this villa, he had his jet set moved to Miami.

His fantastic parties were famous; organized at the pool, you could meet pop stars and intellectuals, supermodels and street artists, photographers, architects, and so on.


A fun fact: Gianni Versace had even employed a full-time librarian to manage his five libraries.

All the mosaics and works of art that characterize the villa are Italian manufactured but come from different European countries.


Some of the interior details:

Other exterior details:

So what do you think about it? Is there a room or a place that you like the best? 
Also, if you want to stay or dine at Casa Casuarina, this is the link: The Villa Casa Casuarina 😉



photo source: Casa Casuarina & Archivio storico di Gianni Versace

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