What do you know about the Maison&Objet Discovery Jury?


In the second post in which I tell you my experience in Paris with Maison&Objet, I want to focus on what was my role as a member of the Discovery Jury.

Press Office Maison&Objet

The French agency 14Septembre ha invitato me,  has invited me, along with four other international bloggers, to be part of this editorial and experiential project.


Through our eyes, we have shown a new point of view on the Fair, both technical and emotional.


Being part of the Discovery Jury, having such a prominent role in an event with such a media exposure, meant a big responsibility for me. Choosing the best exhibitor (and therefore the best concept) and awarding the best product was an honor, even before a real pleasure. I was assigned Hall 6, the “Smart Gift” Hall, and it’s there that I made my choice.



Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte wide spaces
Architect and blogger, I introduce you my French colleague Romain Costa
Before the prizegiving

If you’ve been to Maison&Objet, the Smart Gift area was the one bounded by the pink carpet. This space was entirely dedicated to a series of interesting and innovative products. Gifts with a quid more than what we usually are used to find.


It took me over three hours to look at the stands and examine the products calmly and carefully. I got myself be intrigued, amaze and stimulate. Nice and creative objects but at the same time useful. I noticed products with a strong technological component, and therefore extremely in step with the times, as well as products able to amaze us with their functionality. But it is on the poetry that I have focused.





However rational we try to be, it is always the emotion that has the best of us.


Sola Cube is the product that I have rewarded, which more than any other has captured me. From the beginning, as soon as I saw it.

Sola Cube Dandelion version
With Usagi no Nedoko, Sola Cube designer

A 4 cm x 4 cube of transparent acrylic that encloses within it, thanks to the mastery of Japanese craftsmen, the precious essence of nature. Sola Cube incorporates, makes eternal to the human eye, seeds and flowers. Small microcosms that also acquire a museum nature. The one with the dandelion is definitely my favorite version.


Although made entirely by hand, it is perfect both from an aesthetic and tactile point of view. The realization of each single cube requires from 7 to 10 days of processing. Really a little decorative jewel, do not you think?

Behind me refined minimalism of Sola Cube stand
The winner

What do you think about it? Do you like Sola Cube? Which version do you prefer?



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