Design & Digital: my workshop at Bologna Design Week – Cersaie 2017


October is here and by now the summer has become just a distant memory, but don’t worry because the coming months will be full of news!

In the train

Speaking of news, last week I held a “Design & Digital” workshop in Bologna during the Bologna Design Week (it's a week dedicated to design during the Cersaie fair).

Bologna Design Week and Cersaie 2017

It was an amazing experience!


You guys really interacted with me a lot, too. Not just physically in the workshop, but also online!A lot of you asked me about what I talked about, where I was, what they asked me about, who the girl next to me was…


I have to thank you by answering all of your messages with this picture-story that I prepared to explain what we did and to show you how wonderful it was where we stayed!


Let’s start!

First of all, the location: Insidesign Studiostore

The event was in an deconsecrated church, the Santa Maria della Neve church (Vivolo della Neve 5, Bologna), that is now the interior designer Susanna Mandelli’s, showroom location.

Insidesign Studiostore: Susanna Mandelli and Jimena Roda
Insidesign Studiostore
Insidesign Studiostore
With Susanna Mandelli
With Susanna Mandelli

The workshop:

I talked about myself and my experiences in the design sector, from when I studied in school to when I became a professional designer, and finally with this blog project.

Here I invited my partner to intervene:

Her name is Giulia Grilli, she is the art director of the blog and all of the social networking sites for The Diary of a Designer. After giving a short introduction about being in the communication sector for more than seven years, together we explained how we turned this into a real profession that is full of challenges, highs and lows, and a lot of satisfaction.

Giulia and me

Our Philosophy

How does The Diary of a Designer differ from the industry’s magazines? The difference is essentially the type of communication, The Diary of a Designer being emotional, while the other is institutional.

Vibia Light Chandelier

The questions from those who came to listen to us…

I hope that the picture-story was interesting for you all!


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I’ll be waiting for you!

xoxo from Bologna

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