All you need to know about Maison&Objet 2018


The first important event of the year just ended last week. If you are a regular reader of the blog or if you follow me on social networks, you will already know that I am talking about the Maison & Objet, the Parisian Fair in which I had the honor and the pleasure of participating as a member of the Discovery Jury, representing my country, Italy.


During the five days of the Fair (from 19th to 23rd January) the shared emotions and the experiences gathered were really a lot. I browsed through the many exhibition stands (over 3000!), discovering small design jewels. I got carried away by a spiral of exciting creativity and I had the opportunity to meet some of the big names of design, names that until some time ago I admired from afar (I’m talking about Rossana Orlandi, Giulio Cappellini, Luca Nichetto and many others). I saw beautiful places and breathed the magical atmosphere that only Paris can give away.


In short, it is certain that a single post to tell you about my French days will not be enough, but today I want to start from here, focusing on the experiential design that I lived at Maison&Objet.


I’ve already talked about it in other posts, but I think it’s a must to repeat that the Maison & Objet is an event that takes place twice a year (in January and September) at the Parc des expositions Paris Nord Villepinte, dedicated to lifestyle, decoration and design tout court.



Every year the Fair is about a specific theme. This first edition of 2018 focused on the theme of the “Showroom”, developed by the creative consultant Vincent Grégoire.


The Showroom such as an impacting concept not only in the field of design but also in social contexts.


Conceptually, everything today is showroom, showcase. Starting from the life of each of us exposed on social networks, where we act as creators and directors of our personal story told through photos, videos and posts, up to the actual design, where showroom is the intrinsic nature of certain objects created specifically to be seen, iconographed, instagramed. Showroom is also the transparency of some materials, designed to show what’s behind or inside something. Showrooms are also mirrors, narcissistic showcase of ourselves, and walls, exhibition backgrounds of paintings, images, memories.


It is around this philosophy and this typology of inspiration that creatives have developed the exhibitions, the stands, the events of the Maison & Objet.


And speaking of stands, I need to mention the Italian Seletti, a Mantuan company that at the #MO18 won the prize for having conceived the best exhibition space (for sure one the most photographed) of the Fair.

Andrea Vittoria, PR for Camilla Bellini - The Diary of a Designer with Stefano Seletti

A stand that impressed me, for the dynamic management of spaces and lights, is the one of Moser, a Czech company founded in 1857.

At the Moser stand during Maison&Objet 2018
Transparent details at Moser for Maison&Objet 2018

Worthy of note are: the golden nuances of Tom Dixon‘s stand, the spectacularity of Antolini‘s backlit marbles, the craftsmanship made in Tuscany by Borzalino, the very high luxury peaks reached by Teckell and the tribal instinct mixed with the urban life of Brabbu.

Composition of Beat lamps in Tom Dixon's stand
Melt Surface Light Gold - Tom Dixon lighting
Backlit marble by Antolini
Details of fine yarns by Borzalino
With Mr Jean Tolomio from Teckell
Wonderful gears by Teckell
Brabbu's stand corner at M&O

Mandatory mention also for Cecilie Manz, awarded as Designer of the Year 2018, whom I personally met on the evening of her official award ceremony. Her is a design that, starting from the typical Scandinavian shapes and styles, knows how to shape warm and sometimes familiar atmospheres. Someone has defined her style as “warm minimalism”.

Cecilie Manz during the Awards Ceremony in Paris

What do you think about it? Have you followed the Maison & Objet events? Is there something that has particularly impressed you? Any curiosity you would like to ask me? As always, write me in the comments!



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