The fabulous park on the shores of Lake Paprocany – Tychy, Poland


Paprocany Lake is located in Tychy, Poland and it has always been very popular with the town’s inhabitants who go there to relax and enjoy nature and the outdoors in their free time.

As a result of the redevelopment project in 2014 by the RS + Robert Skitek studio, visiting Paprocany has become even more enjoyable.

The design focused on the enhancement of the location, bearing in mind that the lake is located next to a sports recreation center.

A path along the shore of the lake was created and made with natural materials, to emphasize and enhance the natural features of the ambient.


On one side the path goes down almost to the water’s edge, while on the other side, it’s connected with the cycling and racing track.

A special characteristic of this design, which I find extremely interesting and stimulating, is the open area right above the water, covered with an elastic net, where you can lie down, relax and look at the sky.





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What do you think about it? Would you like to have an open space like this in your city? What did you like best about this redevelopment?


lago Paprocany – Tychy, Polonia

studio RS+ Robert Skitek

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