Barefoot in The Potemkin Park, Japan


Today, I have decided to take you with me to discover an incredibly magical place; a place capable of inspiring peace, well being, and spiritual awakening.

We are in the charming Potemkin Park, located in the village of Nakasato in Japan, locus amoenus (Latin, meaning “pleasant place”) characterized by a very specific atmosphere, I would say almost sacred.

Located between the slopes of rice fields and The Kuramata River, this park has the distinguishing feature of being bordered by rusty iron walls, defining a slightly downhill path.

The path is laid with “river pebbles” and implicitly invites visitors to remove their shoes to walk this path.

And it is this path that has fascinated me right from the start: in my opinion, it’s a particularly introspective journey, which leads to a sense of calm and meditation.

Accustomed as we are to see imposing and futuristic buildings, Potemkin Park is the opposite: it’s simple and able to recall the most essential part of us and of our existence.

From a distance, to blend in and not stand out brashly but instead to be discreet, it has the appearance of a customary land terrace, characteristic of the rice fields. And it’s precisely to those people who work and live on this land everyday that this work is dedicated.

Do you like Potemkin Park? What are your impressions and feelings? Would you like to visit? Do you prefer crowded and futuristic places or places that are more in touch with nature, like this?

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