Smart working: tips for setting up your home office


March 2020 is a very particular month that will definitely remain in the memories of all of us, for all that is happening real and surreal in this period.

Today is the 11th day of quarantine for me and for the many other people due to the Covid-19 virus. Like us Italians many other people around the world have lost the freedom of everyday life. None of us thought things would stop completely like this. 


The restrictions, which are correct, together with our sense for the community, tell us to stay at home with our four walls. You can only leave the house for the bare essentials, you can’t go to the bar or restaurant, you can’t even go to the gym, the cinema or the shops, you can’t visit loved ones and you can’t go to work. But we work, we have to work.

And so, to this regard we now hear talk about smart working and easy work that can be done at home. Working from home to avoid traveling around and to protect our health and the health of others is the right thing to do, but often we are not organised to do so. 

For this reason I thought this article might be useful, to make a corner of the home into an office, quickly, smartly and economically. 

Yes, this article also applies to those of you who are forced into compulsory holidays! The home office can also be used to think about new personal projects, not only to continue working for your company and their activities. Stay positive and proactive, even in times like these, it’s hard, I know but it’s something that can be done and must be done.

So let’s roll up our sleeves and get to it: starting immediately with the basic kit for making our home work station, simple but nice.


  • Simple desk or support surface  

  • One or two chest of draws

  • A chair (here I’ve already given you some advice on this!)

  • A suitable light for your work

  • accessories (optional) 

You don’t have to go out to buy them: these things can be purchased online – if you don’t already have them in the house – you can create a workspace like this:


An even smarter alternative for the desk is to use two chest of draws as the ‘legs’, placing a board across the space to form the desk area.

Those which you can see in the next images, gives you an idea of what you can achieve in this way.

Credits: Havenly via Instagram; workspacegoals via Instagram

Now our smart-workstation, valid also for studying, is ready. Now, you just have to follow some other useful advice, and then you can finally start working, no excuse! ?

The location

I don’t know if everyone has an entire room to dedicate to smart working. In that case, try to position your workstation in a quiet environment, so as to minimise the possibility of being distracted or disturbed.  

Natural light

As you know, light is a fundamental element for wellbeing, even when it comes to working. As for the workstation, let’s try to position it with the natural light source in front, maybe from the side – but NEVER have the light source from behind: especially if you work on the computer as you will have the light reflecting on the screen and keyboard.

Artificial light

As for an artificial light source, you should try to provide yourself with a light suitable for your needs in relation to the type of work you do. In principle, avoid the two excesses: a strong glare or low light. The aim is not to strain your eyes. 

Another small detail but important if you write or draw: if you are left handed, place the lamp on the right, conversely, place it on the left: this will avoid creating shadows on your work. I work with left handed people and I know what I’m talking about! 


Working because you have to in a new, temporary and domestic environment could negatively affect the already present feeling of chaos. For this reason, maintaining order in your new workstation will surely make you feel good and work productively: physical order can influence a positive mentality. And I’d say we all need that!


That’s it for now. I hope these tips can contribute practically to creating your smart workstation (and smart study!). And on an emotional and motivational level, to encourage you to not stop, even if our daily work has been seriously affected. 

And you, how are you managing your quarantine period? What are your main activities? Can you work from home or perhaps in an ad hoc location? Tell me what you’re up to, I’m curious! Ah, here is my workstation!

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