Carpets and floors 2019 trend: highlights from Domotex in Hanover


Domotex in Hanover is the most important exhibition on flooring, floor coverings and carpets. Every year, in the second week of January, the most important production and merchandising companies meet in Hanover.

Together with other bloggers I was invited by the fair to tell more and more information about the beauty, the work and the mastery contained in parquet and carpets. So it’s time to tell you all about Domotex 2019.

# 1 – Strongly vintage inspirations for the new carpet collections

Old but gold, would say someone. Who said that you can not be taken up and reinterpreted to fill your homes? The first trend is vintage, perfect to be placed in an environment, with small touches, and to be the protagonist of a piece of furniture such as the carpets.

Carpet by Rica Basagoiti at Domotex
Touching carpets

# 2 – Carpets that do not take themselves too seriously

Whether they are hand-woven or printed with the latest technologies, rugs now are meant to give irony and playfulness. How not to mention the Pompon Tiger by Myra Klose, winner of the CDA Visitor’s Award? 1300 pompons to form a tiger with open jaws. A 40 kg carpet that gives a joyful animalier touch without mistreating any animal. Funny and ironic, without a doubt, it made me smile.

The Pompon Tiger by Myra Klose
Carpet by Natur Pur

# 3 – Parquet with geometric and abstract designs arranged as if they were tiles

That of wood is a fascinating world. The oldest raw material in the world retains the classy touch in interior design. 2019 is the year of parquet with geometric patterns trend. Stars, rhombus, intersections, inlays, geometrically abstract patterns of parquet do not limit imagination or the most bizarre requests.

Geometric parquet
Geometric parquet

# 4 – Create’n’connect – Interactivity and happening

Over 100,000 square meters that showed carpets and floors could easily tire visitors out, but thanks to the interactivity prepared by Domotex’s booths there was no need to say “enough!” in any pavilion. Indeed, CREATE’N’CONNECT, the main theme of the fair, which is also one of the official hashtags, has been declined in the environment, in order to stimulate networking, relationships and business opportunities. Connectivity intended both as flooring (solution of continuity between the various environments of a space) and as connections between subjects who interact.

At Domotex
Connectivity Wheel - Thanks to the movement of this wheel (a giant hamster wheel!), visitors could create a play of light that interacted with floor coverings.
Red Dirt Rug - During the fair Rena Detrixhe created a gigantic sand rug, rigorously decorated by hand and molds, using 180 kg of red clay coming to Domotex from Oklahoma. Her "Red Dirt Rug" is a declaration of unfair change that took place in her homeland.
Rena Detrixhe
The Path - A colorful path where the faith decided where to end the race to your ball. I'm honest, I've played with the fluo balls more than once.

5 # Wood Lifecycle

Wood Lifecycle is the name of the installation curated by the architect Giulio Ceppi at Pavilion 9 of Domotex. An exploratory journey through the different wood processing and recovery cycles.

Together with Tabu, Kerakoll, Fe’s Alchemiclab and Celenit, the design director of the Wood Lifecycle, showed the production of the entire wood industry, underlining the importance of strategic issues such as sustainability, customization, hybridization and recovery. An interesting frame that makes us reflect on the extreme modernity of wood.

It was here that I fell in love with the shiny parquet flooring with gold inserts made by Fe’s Alchemiclab.

At Wood Life Cycle

# 6 – Carpets like paintings

They could easily look like ancient frescos with a naturalistic theme, instead they are intricate and precious carpets.

Like a paiting
Like a paiting

On this colorful tour of over 1400 exhibitors I was in the company of an incredible crew of bloggers, captained by the wonderful Holly Becker, also curator of a personal booth.

Bloggers crew at Domotex

But Domotex does not end here. After the Hanover edition, held from 11 to 14 January, is the turn of Atlanta in February, Shanghai in March, Gaziantep in April and Mexico in October. Find all the details of the events here.

Did you like this tour of carpets and parquet? Did you already know the Domotex fair? Is there a trend or a product that particularly impressed you? Let me know in the comments or on Instagram which Domotex trend you preferred.

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