Desafinado, the chandelier by Multiforme born from the master craftsmanship


"In nature, nothing is perfect and everything is perfect. Trees can be contorted, bent in weird ways, and they're still beautiful"

Imperfection should not be considered only as a presence of defect, as a lack of perfection. Imperfection can be something characteristic, something that gives an object a distinctive trait, its uniqueness. When designing craftsmanship, this uniqueness of imperfection is the key to authenticity.

From the hands of a craftsman, although there is care and painstaking attention  in following the same sketch, every time something unrepeatable is born. From this refined craftsmanship comes the Desafinado chandelier collection by Multiforme, a lighting design reality located in the heart of the Veneto District of Illumination, between Padua and Venice.

Desafinado is a collection of Murano glass chandeliers whose inspiration is to be found in the search for natural and organic shapes. It is a return and a tribute to the roots. The spherical shapes that characterize the light body are soft and sinuous. The blown glass elements are molded by hand without following pre-established patterns. In this way, the undulating irregularities that are created are always different and always suggestive, animated by an energy that makes them living and fluctuating organisms, shaped by the environment.


These sinuosity of the glass also contribute to diffusing the light in a spectacular way, projecting new games of shadow and light.

Desafinado wins the challenge between object that illuminates and object that furnishes, being both at the same time, also thanks to the scenographic effects of light projection that creates.


It goes without saying that the range of colors in which the illuminating body is proposed is not left to chance: opaque white, mocha, smoky pagliesco and crystal, all “earthy” nuances that recall nature as well as their shape.


From the compositions already created or made to measure, up to the single suspension format, which I confess it is my favorite, the stylistic variations of Desafinado can be multiple.

Desafinado is perfect, in the bigger size variants, for those who have various spaces open to the public: a hotel lobby, a fashion store, the entrance of a classy restaurant or the lounge area of ​​a trendy club.


The smaller versions are more suitable for residential environments. So why not insert a composition into a domestic entrance or a spacious hallway? Desafinado can give a touch of high mastery even to the dining room, in the role of absolute protagonist. In single-element format it can give your kitchen table-counter a new luster, especially when combined with three or four elements.


An authentic work of light that enriches the spaces and gives a suggestive and characterizing lighting.

What do you think about it? Did you like the Desafinado collection? Have you seen how the Murano glass is worked with? Where would you see a chandelier of these in your space? Did you already know the Venetian company Multiforme?


Desafinado by Multiforme


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